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    Hacking Supercard vs Castlevania PoR

    547% complete on a supercard lite kingston 1gb microsd, had 1 crash when i pressed a start button but so far nothing else.
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    Hacking Yet Another issue

    yeah actually i left it on charge last night in my usb port funny thing is, after formatting with mputil, it works once, then dies upon the next boot up but yeah, its not my card so im a little worried. anyone know how bamboogaming are on returns?
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    Hacking Yet Another issue

    okay im sure its all been posted before but in scanning i just can't find em basically, top screen will boot g6 touchpod logo, bottom screen stays blank, without passcad, boots into gba, says this product is not licensed by nintendo, then crash's. thanks in advance
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    Hacking G6 Lite secret codes to get it working again

    hi i've followed all thats been said i am using a passcard 3 and a ds lite however upon formatting and running mputil and copying the files to root (if correct i think its the g6loader.sys and verify) i have safely detached, tried to boot into it simply for a black screen after the passcard...
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    Hacking Help With a G6 Problem

    thanks alot i only have one more question mp util i dont have due to it not being mine is it the maintanence utility on
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    Hacking Help With a G6 Problem

    how do i uninstall the device manager no problem
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    Hacking Help With a G6 Problem

    Hi guys. Recently my friend has left his g6 lite here, all was working fine minus a few crash's in some games, up until this morning. After reading yesterday i decided to leave it in the usb port to charge, upon waking this morning i've gone and downloaded nitrotracker for the ds (just to check...
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    New Review - DS-Xtreme 4Gbit

    any chance of ds ftp working with the ds-x? or at least in the near future? especially from team xecuter, i would of thought this would of been standard but cant win em all first go
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