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    Hacking R4YSauto

    For those having having trouble try installing it as options 3/4. I have R4 Deluxe and got stuck at the loading screen. I reverted back to my original 1.08 or something and threw the .nds in there and it works like a charm. My rom folder goes in TTMenu?
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    Hacking Yet another corrupted G6?

    That may be my problem, I somehow have to tighen the case correct? I can get the system to work sometimes, its kinda wierd... I will reallign, if that dosen't work new topic :0.
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    Hacking my G6 lite arrived! w00t!

    Make sure to be gentle ! I didn't and I think I made some bad moves.
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    Hacking G6 Lite Problems

    Ok no prob , I think I confused you. Sorry. So I described what happened in the beggining from my first post. Then I described the next actions i took from my other posts. I did the following: 1.) Had the problem described in my original post. 2.) Formatted the G6 Lite Cart. 3.) Am now at...
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    Hacking G6 Lite Problems

    yes that one, but im past that part. What would you like me too explain ? If there is anything I will do it to the best of my abilities, sometimes i write quick so read over all my posts a few times...
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    Hacking G6 Lite Problems

    Before hand I would like to thank everyone for the help, I really do appreciate it. OK so now I have run into another problem. I have followed the step and have formatted it. Now I would like to know, how do I get loader back on my DS? I am succesful in writing roms through the program but...
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    Hacking G6 Lite Problems

    I am in the process of clearing the memory, formating it right now...
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    Hacking G6 Lite Problems

    Yesterday I recieved my G6 flash lite+superkey combo. I attached the G6 lite to the usb stick and it was recognized by windows right away. After using the G6-udisk manager V4.6a I was able to write some roms(Trauma Center:Under the Knife for example) into the flashcard. Afterwards I played...
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