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    How expensive is gasoline in your country?

    Current gas price in TURKEY: 2.14$u.s per litre \ 8.13$u.s. per gallon Next to be owned car wil have a 7 litre\427 ci engine Yup will be doing my civic duty by writing off all my gas spending as "buisness expenditures"
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    Homebrew Games finished on SNEMULDS

    Just opening a topic regarding which games people finished 100% and enjoyed it. Super punch out Shadowrun Both 100%and enjoyed every minute of it.
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    How about a panzer dragoon II remake for the ds?
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    Gaming The Most Under-rated NDS games

    After completing magical starsign ,I have concluded that it is a must play RPG.As children of mana became repititive MS kept on having plot twists that entertained me untill the end.
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    Gaming Old PC games that I would like to see on the DS

    As homebrew using the touch screen of course: 1-X-COM 2-SYNDICATE 3-BAT I 4-BAT II 5-SIERRA QUEST GAMES 6-SHADOWRUN (SNES)
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    Hardware Freeloader and us wii

    Since PAL systems are hard to find I decided on importing ntsc usa wii .Does the freeloader work in playing Pal games on an NTSC system?Also does the freeloader enable playing pal wi games or only pal GCN games on the wii? Finally :where can I get it?
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    Hardware Pal games on an NTSC system?

    I was thinking about importing an NTSC system to be used on an NTSC TV ,But all the games here are PAL. Will I have a problem playing them?My NTSC ps2 used to play pal games granted that it was modchipped.
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    Gaming Front Mission 1st

    All these announcements nearly made ME forget playing home consoles.......except the wii.
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    Hacking Slot-1 SUPERCARD NEWS!!!

    I will be buying this card as soon as it comes out.As with my supercard sd,the supercard team has provided fast updates and great support for their products. So compatibility issues is not a problem with them.
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    Gaming Elite beat agents.

    I'M AT AGENT-CHIEF now.For some reason the game get easier when played faster.
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    Hardware Regions...?

    Is that map the dvd region or wii region map?
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    Real cool game.I dare to say that it's the first 3d action game I have enjoyed after Mario 64 on the ds. Aaah this game makes me want to see world of warcraft more than ever on the ds.
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    Post a picture of yourself, Nov 2006

    Simpsons comic book huy voice:"Best vacation ever!" That's me in 1999 with 15 kgs and 250 hp less
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    Post a picture of yourself, Nov 2006

    How can I upload an image?
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    Gaming Elite beat agents.

    At first I din't have a clue on what the game was like.But after the first minute I was hooked.The game is so well made it's scary.Now I have an urge to put the ds on the floor and dance on the touch screen to the beat I can safetly say that it will stay on my scl with tetris ds forver.
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