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    Comment by 'pitoui' in 'This is amazing!'

    Ahh this takes me back. Now where are my GBA roms :lol:
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    Gaming Skylanders Superchargers Save

    Can someone please give me a quick tut on how to get this .sav working on my gateway.
  3. pitoui

    Motorola Photon Q

    Try using SwiftkeyX. It may change your mind. It changed mine! Edit: Thought you meant touch screen keyboard. Never mind me.. Tralalala
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    What phone do you own?

    OK so I've been an awesome touch screen fanatic since way back. Had the Sony Ericcsson P800i, the P900i and the P990i. Aslo had the O2 XDA Atom. Recently I've had a Samsung Omnia i900.. Super rubbish phone. Then I bought myself a HTC HD2, I must say this is my favourite phone ever. It came with...
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    Android Can the android be hacked?

    I've got Blackmart Alpha installed on my Galaxy SII. It runs slow as shit so I download my apps via APKTOP. Mods please delete if this isn't allowed
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    Wii #2654 - Xenoblade Chronicles (Europe)

    Anyone get this to work via usb loading?
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    Gaming Hesitant to Transfer DSiWare

    Tried to download the transfer tool last night and it bricked. Nintendo Aus won't give me a quote either. I'm screwed.
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    Gaming Are there any Tower Defense games for DS?

    Yep. I played the crap out of it!
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    what's your favorite operating system for mobile phones?

    Android by far. When I flashed android to the NAND of my HTC HD2 I was amazed. It was highly customisable, great games and apps. I've tried iOS and WinmMo 6.5. I think they really don't come close to what you can accomplish on the Android operating system. Still haven't tried Windows Phone 7...
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    Last World War I veteran dies in Australia.

    This is very sad news. I can't even begin to imagine what he would have went through in his life.
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    Gaming Does StreetPass work while driving

    HAHAHA! That could be your problem
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    Hardware Is your left hinge loose/squeaky?

    Mines a little loose but it bugs me a whole lot.
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    Gaming Streetpass success stories!

    Got two people when I went into the city (Sydney). That's all I've ever got.
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