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    Hacking New to this

    i've burned all my games (20+) on random DVDs -R/+R (some verbatim, most of them not) on 16x speed with a 2 year old NEC writer. They all work fine.
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    Hardware Wiimote Battery Chargers

    Yes it can. It's just a little bit more wobly though, but it shouldn't be a problem unless you live on a boat in the middle of the northern sea. But it still sits in there nicely and charges normally.
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    Hardware Wiimote Battery Chargers

    I've also had the Joytech one ( ) for a couple of months now and it works great. It also keeps my controllers neat and tidy. When i stop playing i just put them in and they look nice, prompted up like that, when i want to play i take...
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    Gaming PAL Metroid Prime 3 "issues".

    Here's an interesting observation i made regarding MP3C-PAL, if anyone has any thoughts: I have firmware v2.1E on my Wii. I inserted MP3C and it had to "update". I now _still_ have v2.1E. So i guess it didn't update any firmware but just copied some files needed for play or sth.
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