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    We Dare

    Where is the hypocrisy in that? IMO it actually makes sense, unlike the fucked up American value system in which sex seems to be more dangerous than violence...
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    Is the The LG Cookie Fresh GS290 a good phone?

    The 290 I gave my grandparents for christmas just died because air humidity condensed inside and shorted the battery. Stay far away from that piece of shit!
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    3DS Lite

    It won't be a 3DS lite but a 3DS properscreensizes. Seriously, the next version needs a bigger 3D screen (which probably isn't possible with available cheap tech at this time) and while they're at it, putting a bigger battery in the improved case design would be a good idea...
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    3-5 Hours of Battery Life

    Probably won't help. As I understand it, the screen is made to show one picture to the left eye and one to the right. This won't change when you turn 3D off, it will simply show the same picture to both eyes. Couldn't Nintendo have made the 3DS and thus it's battery a little bit larger? 3 hours...
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    Pandora to cost $500

    There is no alternative to the Pandora. If you need proper gaming controls and a proper PC, both in your pocket, there is only this. Of course, it's not for everyone. If you want new big name franchises, go get a 3DS or NGP. However, if you like classic gaming, indie gaming, and also want an...
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    L.A. Noire

    Yes, pretty much. And that's the reason why "exactly the same" is not an adequate description. In practice, there is a huge difference in animation quality, and thus in the range and granularity of emotions represented.
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    L.A. Noire

    You can actually recognize Aaron Staton walking around, complete with his emotional performance. Games have had recorded cutscenes with actors before but here, the actor is actually walking around in the 3D game world.
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    L.A. Noire

    Nothing new? This is the first game I have seen that actually manages to put an actor's performance into the simulated world. Uncharted might have been nice but I remember emotional cutscenes in SNES games. L.A. Noire might not be TEH REVOLUTION!!!1 but it certainly has something new to it.
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    3DS North American Launch Titles

    I'll probably only buy Street Fighter, and only to have at least someting to play because the other games seem even less interesting. Pilot Wings looks ok but the region lock has me enraged so I won't be buying any 1st party games. I'll probably be playing a lot of DS games on my 3DS.
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    Hardware Confirmed: The 3DS is region-locked

    Looks like I won't be buying any Nintendo games, then. I'll only pay for good games by independent developers and encourage everyone to do the same. If you want to play anything else, there'll hopefully be piracy for that.
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    Portable Pokémon Mini Emulator 0.4.3

    I love my Pokemon Mini. I bought a Flashcard & Linker just to experience Shizzle on real hardware. It was worth the 70$. B) The main problem with emulation probably is that few people really care. If you like the Pokemon Mini, check out the Game King! Capability-wise it's a pretty similar...
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    Super Monkey Ball 3DS first trailer

    IMO, the quality suffers a lot more by not actually being in fucking 3D. I'd prefer red/blue screenshots to boring high quality but 2D trailers any day. I want to be able to judge if the game gains anything in 3D. I know most of the games announced for 3DS in their old 2D form already and I...
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    Wikileaks reveals shocking documents.

    That would be the point at which I'd call people together to go burn some American flags. Coming from the middle of Europe, that would generate some embarassing TV imagery. Also, some more competent people might be provoked into thinking about how to kill Americans in large numbers. The CIA...
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    WiiWare #0682 - Family Pirate Party (Europe)

    Wohoo! An official Pirate Party game! Wait... This doesn't look like politics...
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