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    Gbatemp Staff Meeting

    validating members? is that all the thousands of people who dont use their accounts any more? cause they need to go, and good work on what you did do, I thought grog was gay anyway ~Octavious
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    New: 1368 - Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance (E)

    hmm, this games pretty cool well, I hope this will play on the Z when I get mine ~Octavious
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    New: 1368 - Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance (E)

    wow looks fun is it a rpg? ~Octavious
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    New : 1359 - The Sims (J)

    hmm, I thinks we need a differant screen, like one that shows gameplay? ~Octavious
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    GBATemp Staff Meeting

    wow, I just was wonderin when a public one was, sorry if I wasnt clear enough but thanks for your.... um..... remarks ~Octavious
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    GBATemp Staff Meeting

    wow, grats to all, but one quick, maybe dumb, question When do you guys have these meetings, where, and can I join, cause I have been tryin to play the "GBATemp Rent-a-Cop" role for a little now and want to see what everyone thinks bout these meetings hmm, wonder if anyone 'members when I was...
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    Gba Hardware & Software News

    wonder if that USB tingy would be cheaper than normal ones...... ~Octavious
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    New : 1289 American Idol (U)

    can anyone post any extra pics of this? my cable is out this week, and i want to make a decision by pics if it is worth dl'in thx ~Octavious
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    New: Boktai - The Sun Is In Your Hand (U)

    other thought? i cant read what you type! why even open this if somthin dont work? ~Octavious
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    New: 1154 - Banjo Kazooie Gruntys Revenge (U)

    buff, i am the only one who gets thos little diddys you put at the bottom of your posts! lol hope it is good... ~Octavious
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    New: 1147 - Power Rangers Ninja Storm (U)

    this is a great demo of everything this site is against someone with power close it pls! ~Octavious
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    New: 1147 - Power Rangers Ninja Storm (U)

    maybe Osama Bin Laden released this game so that we would all kill eackother fighting over this DAMN poeple play the game if u like then ok if you dont then ok its a matter of oppinions and remember that little kids searching for power rangers might come here and then see you all cussing at...
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    New: 1142 - Disney Extreme Skate Adventure (U)

    i didnt mean like bend him over and rip him a new one i meant paint those damn overalls a nice shade of green ~Octavious lol
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    New: 1142 - Disney Extreme Skate Adventure (U)

    Sweet that means that there will be a Disney Paintball! man, I cant wait to bust one in mickeys ass... ~Octavious
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    New: 1141 - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (U)

    well since this came out it has finally got me off my lazy butt and now I have a fserve this game is good in many ways! ~Octavious ps my site got bandwith owned lolz I had ffta on there but they took all my bandwith... ..... ya IRC! got to go to Bob's Bargain Barn!
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