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Feb 17, 2012
Level 17
    1. Swiftloke
      It must really suck to be you right about now. For one, you said the kexploit would be released over the weekend, and then when it wasn't gbatemp went all gbatemp on you. Then, someone leaked your hard work. And yet, you're just helping everyone out with using it. That takes guts, and I'm impressed.
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    2. migles
      i love your avatar, so cute
    3. MRJPGames
      You lie. (About removing your GBAtemp account, I couldn't care less about the kexploit, it wasn't a lie I trust, but ever since the Hykem IOSU thing I don't take any ETA seriously anymore in this scene).

      Anyway, it's actually a good thing your account is still here, and I hope that you, unlike Hykem will be able to survive the shitstorm there is now and probably more is comming (soon™)
    4. halo5307
      yo yo yo i saw your twitter
      does this mean
      kernel exploit soon???
      or is it still behind closed doors
      1. NWPlayer123
        soon, maybe™
        Apr 28, 2016
      2. ZoNtendo
        nintendo doesn't seem happy about that :/
        Apr 29, 2016
    5. soniczx123
      Is there anywhere you can get the current apps that are ported to 5.5.1?
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      2. NWPlayer123
        Apr 19, 2016
      3. PamiPumiKyun
      4. soniczx123
        I don't see SDCafiine in that megalink. Any progress in porting that? :)
        Apr 19, 2016
    6. ImAStalker
      Could you theoretically exploit the Wii U Firmware Updater Client to allow for the loading of custom firmware versions on 5.5.1? And if so, what would be the best way to go about it (I'm new to all this so give me the technical explanation first then explain to me what it means? Thanks.)?
    7. Merzeal
      Mind if I field some questions off you? After this initial one, that is.
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      2. NWPlayer123
        3) The biggest hurdle was probably just getting enough content to where I could put the pieces together, I've always learned by example, not good at doing stuff without documentation
        Apr 4, 2016
      3. Merzeal
        Thanks, I'll check out those and see how much / little I understand. I've always had an interest in programming and console hackery, I just tend to have either a short attention span, or lack of willpower. I think it's time I learn more, since I'm getting older and feeling dumber by the day. :P
        Apr 4, 2016
      4. Merzeal
        Thinking I will use this as a way to spring myself towards actually learning more. Been reading a lot more about C as late, and while looking at some stuff on wiiubrew kinda makes my head tingle, I can look at abstracts and kind of understand. Yay, self teaching.
        Apr 4, 2016
    8. Sam from NL ;)
      Sam from NL ;)
      Nikki there is a splatoon update released 2.5.0 but with tubehax installed you cant update splatoon and cant go online do you have any tips ?? Pls help...
      1. drewby
        Use WUP Installer.
        Aug 5, 2016
    9. BurningDesire
      I didn't know you had a gbatemp!
    10. mariogamer
      What is the most recent TCP gecko and pygecko,please?

      Also,can you give the link for the unmodified codehandler?
    11. VinsCool
      Did your twitter account died?
    12. Chuardo
      Happy birthday NWPlayer123!
      Enjoy this Splatfest! :D
    13. Amani
      I need to edit the main abilities in splatoon. Could you post the file converter to edit the byaml files so I can edit the definition files?
      1. NWPlayer123
        https://www.dropbox.com/s/oxy6a4wbb1jizf9/yamlconv.exe?dl=1 outputted XML might be a little weird, if it gives errors find any parts that don't have any data, EG start tag and then end tag on the line below with nothing inbetween, and convert them to type="null" /> with just that one tag (like other null nodes)
        Oct 28, 2015
    14. Wowfunhappy
      What happened to your Twitter account...?
    15. Megalegacy98
      Hey, are you a boy or a girl? Your GBATemp profile says boy, twitter says girl. Or are you and the other NWPlayer123 different? Would be kind of weird if you were two different people. Thanks!
      1. NWPlayer123
        I'm both, depending on how I'm feeling, not very consistent across sites
        Sep 26, 2015
      2. Megalegacy98
        I see. Thanks!
        Sep 26, 2015
    16. MiZ J0K3R
      MiZ J0K3R
      Hey man have something like Cheat Engine to do change number value in all rpg games from Wii U?
      For example: I have 10 Unique Golden Stone but i want to change to 99 cuz i have Xenoblade Chronicles X and is boring to farm :l
      I wanted something to chane value like Cheat Engine but this just works in PC :c
      Pls help!
      1. NWPlayer123
        Nope, not that's out, sorry :<
        Jul 31, 2015
    17. ToonRudy
      Hi! I love ur Splatoon hacks haha lmao. And I have a question... Is the Wii U exploits like AC:NL inject / dump? Thanks :)
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      1. NWPlayer123
        Nope, 3DS is like as different as you can get from Wii U.
        Jul 11, 2015
    18. kprovost7314
      Dude I updated because someone gave me a free game code. I'll just wait for 5.4.0. Good luck!
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    19. Margen67
      I was thinking.. aren't you in a way playing Luigi's Mansion?
      Except instead of ghosts you suck up exploits lol
      1. NWPlayer123
        To be fair, Luigi's Mansion is one of my favorite series/games of all time :P
        May 19, 2015
    20. AboodXD
      Is the webkit exploit done?
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