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    Hacking new fail0verflow post explains everything

    I don't doubt for a second that Failoverflow have passed some major milestones in opening up the Wii U... But you folks DO realise that they're essentially trolling you guys with the most recent cryptic update? I imagine they're pissing themselves at the wild speculation going off here - just...
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    Hardware Fastest external drive that makes sense without spending a lot?

    I'm not sure what the score is with regard to using SSD drives but Nintendo specifically recommends against using flash drives due to their unreliability under heavy read/write conditions (especially writing).
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    Hacking Youtube playback blocked in internet browser

    If this is fixed, excellent... I'd heard it was deliberate on Youtubes part because the Wii U browser bypassed their adverts. Maybe Google/Youtube aren't quite the money-grubbing f**kwits I thought they were :)
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    Wii #2892 - Enclave: Shadows of Twilight (Europe)

    I couldn't agree more... You almost get the impression that they planned on releasing this port back in 2006 and they shelved it because it was dated then - only for somebody to dust it off and release it half a decade later :( The only good thing about this game is the fact that you can turn...
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    Wii #2878 - Turbo Trainz (Europe)

    The concept sounds terrible but the execution looks ok from the video... It looks playable enough, it might be fun for an hour or two.
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    Gaming Nintendo leaked zelda they know now !

    Certainly... "I graduated in bong smoking" ;)
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    Hacking Running Skyward Sword on Wii?

    Tested on: 4.3E + cIOS249[56]-d2x-v6 + .wbfs on NTFS Loader settings: USBLoader GX + 002 fix "Anti" + Block IOS reload "auto" Game runs fine.
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    Wii #2679 - Maximum Racing: Crash Car Racer (USA)

    Yet not a single one is any good... Unless you include Mariokart. Even several years after the Wii launch we still don't have anything that can even compete with Gran Turismo on the PS2. And the poster above is spot-on with regards to Wii versions of games. Some aren't bad at all (Call of Duty...
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    Wii #2670 - We Dance (Europe)

    Note: if a Wii game says "Nordic Games" I carry my suspicions Have you seen their back catalogue of Wii games?
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    Wii #2548 - ATV Fever (Europe)

    The trailer doesn't do the games shittiness justice, it's actually far worse. Terrible frame rate despite awful graphics, slow, clunky... Just shit from top to bottom. The only redeeming feature is that you can turn it off.
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    Wii #2541 - Maximum Racing: Drag and Stock Racer (USA)

    If I were you I'd grab an emulator and play it again... It's more technically impressive than this bag of shit
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    Wii #2506 - Crash Car Racer (Europe)

    Not Zoo or Data Design but Nordic Games... Another company synonymous with publishing crap on the Wii - just look at their other Wii offerings, especially the other driving games. In their defence though, this game is an improvement because it looks, feels and plays like a bad PS1 game as...
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    Wii #2477 - Yogi Bear: The Video Game (Europe)

    Put it on not expecting much but even then I was totally underwhelmed... If this game crossed it's fingers and clicked it's heels it might just wish to rise to the dizzying heights of "shit" but as it stands it's "Cack". Awful graphics, terrible music, stunted gameplay and Yogi runs like he's...
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    Wii #2396 - Michael Jackson The Experience (Europe)

    Macaulay Culkin once had the "Michael Jackon Experience" - he hasn't walked the same since. Game is basically the same sort of idea as "Just Dance" but with a hint of paedophilia.
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