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    custom firmware for sega flashback 2018

    it's been a long time, but I wanted to come back to this weird lag with the sound ... After playing for a long time on the console, the impression I have is that this lag is settling in a progressive way: rewinding allows you to "reinitiate" this lag, but after a few minutes of playing we start...
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    The Meme Box

    It seems that you even have several viruses. But good news, the most viral of them, Fortnite, isn't present.
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    The Meme Box

    You pay extra $60 for gender elimination
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    custom firmware for sega flashback 2018

    Wouldn't it be possible to have a custom firmware using the emulator from the MD/Genesis flashback?
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    Homebrew WIP Serious Sam TFE and TSE port

    Strangely, 2nd encounter not working for me (instant crash) but I used the same method for both.
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    Comment by 'VirgileVILE' in 'I BOYCOTT POKEMON'

    nice speak, I'll boycott too dude
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    Homebrew RELEASE The Legend of Zelda - Mystery of Solarus DX (solarus engine)

    it starts for me, but I can't choose any language (commands don't respond).
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    Homebrew WIP NXQuake2 - a Quake II port

    hm. I get a crash always when I beat the first level (atmosphere 9.0.1) edit: my fault, booted from "Album".
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    Homebrew RELEASE Xash3D (Half-Life) - Custom Goldsrc Engine for Switch

    Any chance for a "Gunman Chronicles" nro? :3
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    The Meme Box

    I don't know why, I like the Rayquaza one.
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    Homebrew 3DSShellExt, show .cia .3dsx .smdh icons in windows

    As I expected, it doesn't work on my Win10 pro 64 (with .net v4.7)
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    Official hakchi2 - NES Mini very simple pimp tool

    I'm trying to run Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, a PC Engine CD-ROM game that used an "arcade card" but I can't. Has anyone managed to make it work? Thanks! edit: bad dump, problem fixed by myself.
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    Official hakchi2 - NES Mini very simple pimp tool

    sorry for double post, I made a mistake.
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    Playstation classic

    I bought a brand new SD card thinking I no longer have problems... Today by plugging the machine, the nightmare continues: nothing happens, so I put the new SD in my PC, and there, "you must format this disk to use it" ... Seriously this machine is crap to the point that even hacked it is unusable.
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    Playstation classic

    My USB hub, I have no idea if it's a good one or not. I always eject safely on pc, but how to know how eject safely on the ps classic?
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