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    Gaming Skyward Sword Getting Leaked Soon?

    Do they still put AP on wii games? Its almost pointless dont you think.. Especially this game.. So many people like myself have already bought it. Some of us bought multiple copies! I have the paitence to wait for this, but like all of you i am crossing my fingers for a super early leak. Played...
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    Gaming Super Mario Galaxy 2 Info topic

    I just think people have been spoiled these days with how easy it is to obtain certain things.. weather it be movies, games, etc. I too am excited for this release.. but even if games are your pastime of choice.. there are plenty out there to play while we wait. I have mine pre-ordered.. still...
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    The roms distributed are all the same. They can easily block the roms from accessing servers. While brawl had a region block, it was to limit lag.. Since USA players on japan server with brawls crappy online = lots of lag.. Diagasso, is just for DLC. No need for a region block if you think...
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    I also suggest people buy this.. Its a great series that disserves the purchase.. the only thing that makes me not want to purchase it(even though i did already... it comes on monday), is nintendos lack of interest in releasing this in other regions... I mean we have been seeing "band bros" USA...
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    hopefully they are aware of the problem and release a firmware upgrade quickly. Or someone hacks it up soon.
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    DS #2385: Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Japan)

    still nothing with the m3 real.. I cant try these new save files untill i get home for work.. I bought the game anyway, since i am a big fan. So i am not in too much of a hurry.. but hopefully someone gets something working on the m3 real relatively soon..
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    Hacking PIRATED VC GAMES - Easy to detect!

    I was hoping VC hacks would never see the light of day... simply for giving nintendo the reason to patch security holes... Nintendo historically does very little to stop this stuff.. but i think their stance on this is about to change... considering how widespread and popular DS flash carts...
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    Hacking Wiikey Config 1.9s US version

    1.9s is the firmware update for the modchip. i think the config disk is 1.4..
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    Gaming Mario Kart Wii Online, NTSC USA users jumping on?

    i dont think nintendo really cares all that much. They havent done much to stop this kind of thing in the past. Even on DS i have never seen them Ban or kick people... I dont think thier first party sales are even that much effected by things like this... I have the iso and play, i will still...
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    Hacking Shortening Laser Life?

    I tried to argue the fact that playing backups doesnt destroy your lazer.. But other people have told me backups (especially dual layer) will kill your lazer faster. i dont know if i belive it. But i can say when playing backups my Wii dvd drive does work a bit harder.. i can hear it buzzing...
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    Hacking So Wiikey still has no update for DL discs????

    Thanks for the info. i am using TDK dual layers and they seem to work great. So i will just stick with it for now.
  12. MrDo

    Hacking So Wiikey still has no update for DL discs????

    well i stand corrected then... I hope i am using good media... I should just order a replacement lazer to be sure...
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    Hacking So Wiikey still has no update for DL discs????

    I dont think there are more lazers dying from running backups... the only way i can see this happening is if the mod chip actually changes the resistance on the lazer making it work harder. I dont know why Wii-Key is not open sourced right now. Especially if they are dropping support for it...
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    Hacking With USA release of brawl comming soon

    I actually think random wifi matches not working has nothing to do with the backup. I think it is becuase of USA Wii's are not able to join random japan Wifi matches... I could be wrong tho.. but IGn couldnt join wifi matches on their legit JPA copies in the USA either.. May have to do with...
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    Hacking With USA release of brawl comming soon

    Well, i am not complaining. I definately have no problem using a backup copy to play. I did pre-order the original, and actually have a replacement unchipped DVD drive. I was just wondering if they were actually still working on this. Since the DL backups are infact working, maybe they put...
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