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    Apple announces its video game subscription service 'Apple Arcade'

    Oh god, please not more subscription services.
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    Gaming Super Smash Bros Ultimate FAKE NSPs starting to show up.

    I heard smash Bros leaked you guys
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    Hacking Why Does Everyone Hate On SX OS?

    It's the best option right now, but people just love to complain. even the people who've had it since day one and know what they are doing act like it should be perfect.
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    Homebrew {Request} Can someone look into the FLOG Emulator? [Updated]

    This is just gonna bother me until someone solves this...
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    Hacking Question Splatoon Bundle Firmware

    I'm getting my Walmart bundle tomorrow, will let update with what version it has. Probably gonna just sit in the box lol
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    Hacking First Nintendo Switch Cartridge Dumps Released

    The NFO file for Splatoon 2 is great lol
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    Hacking [Release] Amiibo BIN Serial Changer

    Thanks for the help guys, I got it working in command prompt. Had to make sure that python3 was in the PATH environmental variable. Then I just used the script normally with py -3
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    Hacking [Release] Amiibo BIN Serial Changer

    here's what my file system looks like, I suppose I can reinstall python but it's such a pain to get it all configured, so I'd rather try some other stuff first. pix host
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    Hacking [Release] Amiibo BIN Serial Changer

    Getting this error, can someone help me out? I'm using python3 in a bash shell through Ubuntu on Windows, yes in sounds kinda complicated but if done tons of stuff with python in the past like this and it was working fine. I'm guessing it's just something with how the path is set to find...
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    ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove coming 2017 from Adult Swim Games

    maaaan, I absolutely love the first toe jam & earl, played it to death as a kid. But this looks p bad, we'll see I guess.
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    Hacking Hykem's 5.5 iosu Exploit

    Let's just wait it out ppl
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    Wiinja In House at GBAtemp seems a 1.3b exists also, should try to secure that one too.
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    Hacking On modding

    i use 30awg wire for when i mod xboxs, look it up, its super cheap, other than that just some good ol solder.
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    Hacking not reading my freshly formated 2gb mini sd card

    the conductor on the very left is MUCH more defined, is it supposed to be like this or is it possibly damaged?
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    Hacking not reading my freshly formated 2gb mini sd card

    ok after a long process of finding win98 drivers for my card reader, i gave formating the card on another comp a try...still nothing. i think it may be some bad flash memory, there is one suspicous thing the last conductor...almost like a scratch right in the middle of it. ill get a pic soon. so...
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