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  1. M acquired by CNET Networks

    ................... not funny. I almost had an heart attack.
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    DS #2140: Hiromit Onisan no Oyako Taiso Navy (Japan)

    emm the title is missing few characters.... that dude's name is Hiromichi.... so the title should be "Hiromichi Onisan no Oyako Taiso Navi"
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    DS #2144: Rekishi Gunsou Presents - Monoshiri Sengoku Ou (Japan)

    ^ lol that is exactly what i wanted to say... I can read the kanji but i don't even wanna touch this game >
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    DS #2135: Doraemon: Nobita to Midori no Kyojinden DS (Japan)

    wow... this looks pretty good... usually doraemon games are junk, but this one looks like fun
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    DS #2023: Dungeon Explorer: Warrior of Ancient Arts (USA)

    hmm this seems like a interesting release. me and my girlfriend enjoyed "From the Abyss" and that is a pretty crappy game. good time waster tho!
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    Hacking Final Fantasy VI Advance

    did you upgrade the firmware to 1.70? from what I've read gba support is crap with the latest firmware...
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    Hacking Wich memory should I buy?

    go with kingston won't be wrong
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    Hacking 2.58 Patcher Released!!!! MERRY XMAS GUYS!!&#3

    BEH... just gave the patcher a try and PoR is still not fixed, guess it's my SD card. anyways teleport and wind doesn't freeze on me anymore, but vincent still freezes after i save and talk to him
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    Hacking 2.58 Patcher Released!!!! MERRY XMAS GUYS!!&#3

    I hope they fixed the problem for PoR and DJ for thoese who can't play them yet patcher is released in chinese version only. but you can change the UI to enlish Edit: Legend of spyro and Tony Hawk DJ fixed!
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    ROM Hack cracker's trainers

    thanx alot guys!! the patcher/trainer works like a dream~~
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    ROM Hack cracker's trainers

    the link to the IPS patcher isn't working... where can i find one? thanx in advance~ and thank you cracker!
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    Hacking About cracked DS Lites...

    awww man..... i don't dare to desire a black dsl back from warrenty but at least don't send me a freaking refurb.... hmm now i have think about returning the dsl... altho it does have a crack and a dead pixel.. but things could get worse right? thanx for the replies guys!!
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    Hacking About cracked DS Lites...

    hey guy i also have a hinge crack on my DSL. but i bought mine on ebay and it's flashed... do i still have warrenty? and possibly get a replacement DSL?
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    ROM Hack FFIII - English Translation Patch

    damn... wish i would known this earlier... playing the chinese simplfied version now >
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    Gaming FFIII Mognet - Any Helpers?

    hey your also trying to get the secret job right??
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