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    Reparing docx

    Anyone know a free tool to repair a docx file. When I try to open it in word, it says "incorrect document syntax." I'm trying to help a girl recover her paper for class. Thanks
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    Hardware Next Nintendo DS Titled "Nintendo 3DS"

    They're supposed to have a playable demo sometime in June, according to a post on Kotaku. I look forward to seeing what they have to offer. I was just thinking of getting a DSi, but now that this has been announced, I'll have to wait.
  3. mflo

    AP Biology Exam tips?

    Ha, I have to take the AP Bio exam as well.. but on Monday, May 11th.
  4. mflo

    Hacking legit AceKard2i

    Oh thank God, I ordered 2 of them and got the same packaging. I panicked for a bit. I can't test them at the moment b/c I don't have a DS.
  5. mflo

    Gaming PC Games: You Buy or Pirate?

    The only PC games I've ever bought were DiabloII and Left4Dead. Everything else from the net heheheh
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    Gaming Anyone install Win7 on a netbook?

    Some netbooks have multi-touch trackpads, but they run Windows xp. I was wondering if you'll still have the multi-touch functions if you install Windows 7.
  7. mflo

    Hacking MicroSDHC limit?

    Ah, ok, Thanks guys!
  8. mflo

    Hacking MicroSDHC limit?

    I've been out of the scene for a while, so I'm a bit out of date. I was wondering if MicroSDHC compatible flashcarts had a limit to memory size. I was going to order an Acekard 2i + 8GB for someone (Don't ask me why they wanted 8GB, I have no idea.)
  9. mflo

    iPod touch 2G jailbreak almost finished!

    I guess I should start saving up for one now. I've been wanting to replay Earthbound, but didn't want to play it on my computer.
  10. mflo

    Gaming Questions about LED backlit screens

    I kinda forgot I was talking about LCD screens with LED backlights behind them. lol. I started thinking about another type of screen, my bad.
  11. mflo

    Gaming Questions about LED backlit screens

    Yeah, I understand that. I guess it has to do with manufacturing; since LEDs for now only emit one color, so they have to produce backlights with the individual LEDs for the color.
  12. mflo

    Gaming Questions about LED backlit screens

    So I was looking at the customization options for the Dell Studio XPS 13, and noticed that the LED backlit screen was more expensive. Why is that? I thought that LEDs were supposed to be cheaper.
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    Gardening Mama announced

    They should just make a Farming Mama. That way you could do everything including cooking.
  14. mflo

    Gaming Windows 7

    I love the new taskbar. I think it functions just fine, and I've grown used to it. And if you don't like the big icons, you can just go to taskbar properties and check "use small icons." Then it'll look just like vista again.
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