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    Wii 2.1E Update Released

    Maybe they fixed all the issues with the PAL Virtual Console? Yeah, wishful thinking, I know.
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    Hacking EWIN 3 with expansion carts?

    The Ewin rumble pak (Lite version only) is on sale at for £6.90 - no sign of the RAM cart or Ewin3 though.
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    NinjaPass X9 Review

    that's pretty much the only dodgy thing they've done, though. other than that, the forums are far better than most, in terms of support from the developers - as far as I'm aware, only the DS-X team is that active on their own (english-language) forums. all the rest either don't post at all...
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    Hacking M3 Simply GUI please?

    I think that's just when the EBA rom was last modified. The GUI's are the same as they appear in that pic.
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    Hardware YEEARRRGHH I dropped my micro in a cup of water!!!

    well, it wouldn't! and you'd be able to play GBC games on it.
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    New SuperCard DS(ONE) Info and Photos! *Update*

    Any slot-2 Supercard, excluding the Rumble versions (which lack the memory required to run the browser). If you're only looking to use the browser, get either the SC Lite (for a DS Lite) or the SC MiniSD (for an original DS) just because they don't stick out. If you want to run DS games and...
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    Hacking Ordering an R4

    Maybe. It depends on the card, and the site. Many Chinese sites sell the English versions anyway, and if it's an English-language site they should indicate if the card is a Chinese-language version. If you do get a Chinese version, some cards allow you to flash a different language firmware...
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    The sequel is apparently much better. Haven't played either, admittedly.
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    Hacking New Ewin2 pro for NDS and GBA

    Any news on the Ewin3, if you're from the Ewin team?
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    GBAtemp: Incoming Reviews

    Is there any point in reviewing the Media Gamer if you're reviewing the MicroNinja anyway? From everything I've seen it's just a straight MicroSD-based clone of the NinjaDS series. They haven't even bothered to change all the NinjaDS logos in the firmware. edit: oh yeah, that still leaves the...
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    MTO (developers of GBA Catz/Dogz games) had already released a dog game in Japan, but not a cat one. And Ubisoft wanted to release both Catz and Dogz for the DS at the same time, so they licensed MTO's game as Dogz, and commissioned a western developer to make Catz from scratch (no pun intended...
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    it was a fake.
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    Hacking NinjaPass X9TF is Almost Ready to Ship!

    I doubt it... that may have been the case with the Ultra Flashpass/Ninjapass original, but from the stated features this has one pretty major difference: "NO PC software required , Directly Drag‘N drop all files into the MicroSD(TF) card from Computer" whereas the Acekard needs software to...
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    Hacking so ACEKARD

    a version of moonshell is in development..
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