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    Kick Gaming site re-launch and contest!

    Yes, the site itself is really looking nice. Will forward some friends there when they upgrade to the DSi.
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    Hacking Cracked DS Lite!!

    Have a dead pixel on mine and the same crack as well. Problem is, even if we "win", and Nintendo allows us to send it off to be fixed...many of us here have used flashme on it already. For some reason, none of the flashme_stealth versions worked, so, I used regular old flashme v7. Anyone think...
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    Hacking DS Lite with one "stuck" pixel

    Hey guys, I bought my US DS Lite the day it officially came out from EB Games. Well, the first time I turned it on, it had this stuck red pixel on the touch screen. Called EB Games about it and not only did I get a rude associate, he told me that they wouldn't return it because of a stuck pixel...
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