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    SEGA will be giving Sonic games longer development cycles to hopefully result in better games

    Time is only partially an issue. The more questionable thing is that with the near perfection of the boost-gameplay-style with Sonic Generation (amazing game btw) the developer had an issue emulating that style with Forces, which was horrible. I hope they`ve discussed how something like that...
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    Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit dropped by Illinois court, must be judged by arbitrator

    I had one joycon drift after the warranty and they fixed it without charging anything. It`s an inconvenience but honestly not a big issue to me. Took a week for the fixed joycon to arrive. This was Nintendo of Europe though; I don`t know how America and Japan handles this stuff...
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    Homebrew RELEASE ChoiDujourNX - a system firmware installer homebrew for the Nintendo Switch

    Oh ok, I did not know that they don`t have the system intentionally look into the root of your sd card for irregularities. I just thought better safe then sorry when it comes to having your system used in sysnand. Thanks for the help!
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    Homebrew RELEASE ChoiDujourNX - a system firmware installer homebrew for the Nintendo Switch

    I use sxos emunand for everything that is concerning hacking and homebrew and sysnand when I play bought games and I also play online on sysnand. Before I boot into sysnand I also take out the microsd and I never had autorcm enabled. Had no issue playing online. Now I updated my emunand from...
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    1-2-Switch-2 leaked by Amazon? (April Fools)

    I still think the CNet april fools joke from back in the day was probably one of the best ones I have ever seen... This one, even if not believable, is still pretty funny and well realized!
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    Apple Mario comming to iOS via Super Mario Run

    I really hope this is more like the Rayman games for smartphones, which are amazing, rather then endless runners!
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    Reggie Fils-Aimé explains how Nintendo will not repeat Wii U mistakes for the NX

    Aonuma: “We realised that having something on the GamePad and looking back and forth between the TV screen and the GamePad actually disrupts the gameplay, and the concentration that the game player may be experiencing,” Aonuma explained. “You have your car’s GPS system on your dash. If you had...
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    Reggie Fils-Aimé explains how Nintendo will not repeat Wii U mistakes for the NX

    Are you sure Reggie?! Because Zelda BotW says otherwise! I still cannot believe that game doesn`t have gamepad-features! The fact that they don`t have a gamepad integration in the new Zelda is probably the thing I am most disappointed off with Nintendo in a very long time... He is right...
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    Gaming Splatoon Demo Incoming! May 8 and 9, 2015!

    Same here. And the sad thing is I couldn`t participate in the first testfire at all... EDIT: Also I just looked at some twitch streamers and apparently everyone has the same issue not being able to connect.
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    Gaming Zelda Wii U delayed to 2016

    I don`t have a problem with them delaying the game, either because they have issues or like Aonuma said because they want to implement more features, but honestly if they don`t show anything at e3 I will be pissed. I don`t think it will be playable but a new trailer and maybe a developers...
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    Old SKOOL Tempers.. Raise Your Hands!

    I definitely lurked around myself quite a bit before actually signing in 2005. I always enjoyed seeing people discuss the newest games on the Magazine News release list and I think at that time Ouendan got a release so I wanted to see what people think about the game (it was pure awesomeness...
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    Hardware New Faster Lighter 3DS Console Announced

    I think this is a great update. I think the versions we had up until now were all versions of the same device which could live beside each other. Thenormal 3DS was for porable people, 3DS XL for people who like to play at home or just like a bigger screen more and 2DS for cheap people xD...
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    Sony E3 2014 Conference - Now Finished

    Since up until now every entry in the series was localized (with the exception of I think two versions, which only came out in Japan and in the US) so I think it is pretty legitimate to expect at least a western release of the PC version, even though I would prefer the Vita-version... One can...
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    Sony E3 2014 Conference - Now Finished

    Hopefully. I don`t really remember last year. I personally was hoping for PSO2 to be announced for the west so that`s essentially why I am so displeased with their showing... I´m not really interested in PSNow, since I own all the consoles mentioned above. I also have no problem downloading...
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    Sony E3 2014 Conference - Now Finished

    Wow Sony, woooow. I had fun with my VITA... had. We need some games. I don`t know why they abandon the system so fast! TalesoHR looks cool but that`s about it. I have no idea why they do this.Where is Gravity Rush 2, that was announced last year??? I want to get either a PS4 or a XBone but at...
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