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    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    Thank You all. I removed everything except Nintendo folder, copied Atmosphere files, added sigpatches and it works flawlessly. Thanks Rei for ReiNX, it’s really good cfw. It was my first on hacked Switch.
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    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    Guys, how to painlessly convert from ReiNX to newest Atmosphere? 1. What should I delete from sd card? I want to keep my installed games. 2. Should I dump prod keys? How? 3. I have enabled AutoRCM in ReiNX, will it be ok while covering to Atmosphere? 4. What payload is best for Atmosphere to...
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    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    Is this project abandoned?
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    Hacking HELP - Switch Bricked after Updating to 9.0.1?

    Are You 100% sure Switch battery is charged? Try sending payload, disconnect usb, and then connect charger. Do it very fast.
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    Hacking Unable to play physical copy of Ultra Sun and I haven't used my 3DS for a long time

    If You’re using gateway forget about it. It’s not supported anymore. Install Luma3DS using ntrboothax -
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    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    I need help! I have old 3ds on 4.3 sysnand and 11.3 emunand on gateway. I want to buy New Nintendo 2ds xl and hack it for CFW (since gateway is not supported anymore). What can I do to hack n2dsXL? Im guessing that's stock firmware is 11.4.
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    Hacking Is a safe place to buy?

    Never buy from Eachmall. I bought Gateway there and it was faulty. I sent it back to them, but they didnt even took it from their post office.
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    Hacking New Gateway 3DS from Eachmall - Filesystem Error

    Most of them are too expensive.
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    Hacking New Gateway 3DS from Eachmall - Filesystem Error

    OK, I returned it... Let's see if Eachmall will exchange it.
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    Hacking fragmentation error

    There are two possibilities: 1. Format your microsd to ExFAT and see if the game works. 2. Your Gateway is on the way to land of the dead (I had fragmentation error, after that filesystem error and Gateway cant read any microsd card anymore).
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    Hacking New Gateway 3DS from Eachmall - Filesystem Error

    OK, so I bought a new MicroSD Kingston 64GB SDXC I Class 10 and guess what? Filesystem error & SD TEST Fail It's definitly faulty Gateway card. What options do I have (excluding returning it because it came from Malaysia...)? I heard that Gateway's chip was reprogrammed at some point, maybe...
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    Hacking New Gateway 3DS from Eachmall - Filesystem Error

    Another card I have - that 8GB one - is made in Japan. I used it in NDS Lite before and never had any problems. It worked with Gateway too, but after the errors with 16GB card it stopped working too...
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    Hacking New Gateway 3DS from Eachmall - Filesystem Error

    My card is exacly the same like this on the picture you posted. Today I checked it under Windows and OSX and Windows shows capacity 14,7 GB and OSX is showing 15,7GB wtf? Guess it's fake after all. I ordered Kingston 64GB sdxc just now, I hope it will work...
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    Hacking New Gateway 3DS from Eachmall - Filesystem Error

    Yea I tried. Nothing changed, I even used Panasonic SD Formatter.
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