wawa tetris Oct 1, 2020

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Male, from 50 ft under

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Oct 2, 2020
Aug 7, 2019
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    1. PineappleGod
      I grant you access to the edge of the forum. May you make that your humble abode.
    2. MakeMake
      wawa tetris
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      1. Sicklyboy
        Quickchek tetris
        Oct 1, 2020
      2. MakeMake
        *proceeds to die of comboed or 4lined or something idk*
        Oct 1, 2020
      3. smileyhead
        Oct 1, 2020
    3. MakeMake
      1. Sicklyboy
        Jun 12, 2020
      2. MakeMake
        Jul 6, 2020
    4. MakeMake
      I don’t get sound on homebrew apps on the wii.
    5. MakeMake
      homebrewed da wii! ^o^
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    6. MakeMake
      Before school bit the dust in ohio, the tech dudes at me school gave me a kingston 16 gb flash from one of the chromebooks, what can it do?
      1. Seriel
        Store 16gb of data.
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        Mar 25, 2020
      2. ThoD
        My guess is more like ~14.2GBs of data because that's how they make them these days:P
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        Mar 25, 2020
    7. VinsCool
      I'm curious, is your username inspired by the dwarf planet Makemake?
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      1. MakeMake
        Not really, it's actually a misspelling of the main enemies of of the early Touhou games, known as "Bake-bake" (Basically just cute ghosts, only difference in difficulty is in lunatic mode, where they can shoot at you.)
        Mar 25, 2020
    8. MakeMake
      i know this sounds like caca but could an incredibly bare bones version of xp run exe files on the new nintendo 3ds
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      2. MakeMake
        what could it run in terms of games? Solitare? Rpgs? (like mid 2000s rpgs) Paint? Notepad? What would i need to add back onto it?
        Mar 24, 2020
      3. Lilith Valentine
        Lilith Valentine
        You would be better off porting the games to the 3DS instead. The emulation of just windows would be slow, running applications like games would be efficiently impossible.
        Mar 24, 2020
      4. MakeMake
        But i can run Touhou at a playable speed using Raima's PC98 emulator, I've beaten Touhou twice on the 3ds! (^ ^ )

        Also, this emulator can run windows 1.2, i'm sure it works with other versions, and i do have them, but i couldn't figure out how to mesh the .FDIs into one .HDI if it would save my life, lol. (| |;)
        (even saves files, i can use diskedit to extract the .txt files from my 3DS!)
        Mar 25, 2020
    9. MakeMake
      i feel like the person who designated the terms pitch and yaw in airborne travel
    10. MakeMake
      I just logged in on my 3ds, 2020 is gonna be lit [except companies making everything look like mercury pizza dough.]
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      1. IC_
        Yes and the 3DS will still be alive!
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        Dec 13, 2019
    11. MakeMake
      IP addresses will be my end..!
      1. MakeMake
        Is generic wifi not sacred anymore!?!?!?
        Nov 22, 2019
    12. MakeMake
    13. MakeMake
      Pictochat on nn3ds, Using TWL Menu++ CIA, Pictochat accessed using kanji sonomama rakubiki jiten ds rom, Will it send messages to DSI/Lites?
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  • About

    50 ft under
    A common enemy type in touhou games 1-5
    United States
    Oh hi :D
    (NOTE: I am 14, not 22. if a moderator sees this, please notify me and afterwards please change the birthday to 2006.)
    - - - Systems (Extended list)
    Almighty Handheld - Generation 7 IPad (not new garbage)
    Primary - Optiplex 755 Windows PC
    Secondary - NEW Optiplex 3050 Mini with a Mini keyboard and a disproportionately large monitor, Has an antenna o.o
    Retired (As of now) - Dell Inspiron 17 (Win 8)
    Retired (:O)- Inspiron 18 (Retired... "Pal".) ((Barely runs) Win 10.)
    Console - Xbox One
    Console - Xbox 360
    Console - Wii (Unmodded, Tried, Was too lazy)
    Console - N64 (Not set up)
    Handheld - NewN3dsXL (Black) (B9S, And other hax)
    Handheld - Old3ds (Blue) [PHYSICALLY INOPERABLE, DEAD]
    Handheld -Palm m105
    Calculator- TI 30x (blokky:D)
    Calculator - Ti 84 (nobody makes guides for this regular one??)
    Calculator - TI 92 Plus (CHONKY MOTHERFUCKER)
    Calculator - TI 83 (Battery contacts are corroded away...)
    Miscellaneous - Chinese DZ09 smart watch i found again
    Miscellaneous - Lego alarm clock i broke on accident (weak wires)
    Miscellaneous - LG phone that may still work, but has a dead batt
    Miscellaneous - RC car i took apart
    Miscellaneous - Much bigger RC car i took apart
    Miscellaneous - RC Drone i took apart
    Miscellaneous - Phone i took apart
    Miscellaneous - RC Robot control box i took apart (and shorted)
    DVD Player - "RCA? Haven't heard that name in years..."
    Forbidden one - Android GPad 7 ("x.x" digitizer (~1/3 affected))
    Forbidden two - direct tv hopper i took apart
    Lego Mindstorms - NXT Base set
    Lego Mindstorms - EV3 Brick Only (and i do mean Brick Only.)
    Dummy - Router i tore the shell off of to study
    Not mine - Samsung smart tv
    Not mine - Little brother's Screentime Amazon tablet i reset
    Not mine - Fire stick in parent's room
    Not mine - Smart TV
    Broken - Siss's old phone (works but display is a complete JOKE)
    Lost, Broken - tablet i dropped, screen is a more serious JOKE
    I'm not funny. - My brain :o)
    Unknown - A Samsung Galaxy Prime with an FRP lock and a Wiped nand (odin accident) (CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING OR SOME TIPS TO MAKE THIS THING WORK AGAIN.)

    - - - Not technology, but still related
    Lots of Ethernet cables
    Some power cords
    A cool lego DS system holder with multiple eject mechanisms :O

    - - - Ext PC Stuff
    FDD - Chunganzhuo EXT Fdd (door broke, no longer works)
    Smartwatch - (I use it as a microsd-usb, no sdhc on pc)
    Broken USB stick - (In a format i've NEVER even heard of)
    CD-R drive - (no bd-rom) - For Dvds and crap.
    XB1 Controller - (i play pc98 games with it :D)
    A TI Silverlink Cable (boggers)

    - - - Programs
    NPII (Fmgen and debug)
    (note: added more, add more later! :D)

    Summary: I Do batch coding and Stupid stuff. Hello again! ^o^


    I ask too many questions :0
    “The Hammer Brothers”
    - Dsi (blue)
    - New 3ds XL (Black) (SD card HAX residue building up again :O ,functional and haxxed, With B9S, Luma, HBLL and a now very large amount of homebrews.)

    Red pill, Blue pill.
    - Broken DS lite (Basically just parts now)
    - Broken 3ds classic (blue) (destroyed. still have the insides in a box though.)

    The Sidekick:
    - Comically small Optiplex 3050
    + Comically small Wireless Keyboard
    + Regular sized Wireless Mouse
    + Comically Disproportionate, but regardless regular sized Monitor
    + Windows 10 (ew, but it has 3d builder)

    Big Cheddar:
    - Dell Optiplex PC 755 running Windows 7 (What's writing this) With...
    + Broken usb FDD, with ten floppies
    + VGA cable outputting to generic Plug And Play monitor (no hdmi :o)
    + Mouse with 4 (single button adjustable) pointer speeds
    + A decent keyboard
    + Windows 7 Professional (i think this one had the most stuff with it)
    + Built in CD-R drive
    + Some disk based magnetic data bois

    Grandfather's Attic:
    TI-84 Plus (The Chad Calculator)
    TI-30x (Looks boxxy :D)
    Lego NXT (yes)
    Lego EV3 (Brick only (BRICK. ONLY.:rofl:)
    TI-83 with withered away battery contacts on the board

    1 R4 sdhc dual core (
    0 Broken DSbox microsd adapter
    1 Chinese smart watch with no back cover nor straps to replace the above
    20 cable

    Inspiron 17
    Inspiron 18 (Somehow worse than the 17 (took 34 minutes to load the desktop (i timed it.)))

    A GBA rom of dancing polish cow

    An android phone with an erased nand and an FRP Lock (F**K FRP LOCK.) (Samsung Grand Prime)
    An android phone with a comatose battery (LG Optimus Fuel)
    An android phone that actually works but has a really really unusable cracked screen (idk model but i can tell it's a samsung)
    An android TABLET that keeps telling me acore has stopped (LG Gpad F8.0)
    A Hatred for Android. :angry: (Jesus Christ.)

    An Apple tablet that will most likely outperform and outlive all of the android devices above. (Which is really sad.:angry:)

    2 Brain cells playing Pong with a dopamine molecule

    - Some staples
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