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    Homebrew Homebrew app Bloopair: Connect Controllers from other Consoles natively

    Can you add support for the "PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch"? I just bought one, but wasn't aware that it didn't act like a regular Switch Pro Controller. I think the Poke Ball is the cheapest one.
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    Homebrew Homebrew app Bloopair: Connect Controllers from other Consoles natively

    Any chance of using a controller as the Gamepad in the future?
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    Homebrew Official Retroarch WiiU (wip.)

    I've been using this for a couple weeks or so, it works great!
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    Hacking RetroArch (VBA Next) not loading saves from UO gpSP Kai?

    Trying to move from running emulators in Adrenaline, to using RetroArch for Vita (since it's a unified menu). I copied my SMW and ALTTP saves from gPSP's save directory, to the one RetroArch uses (ms0:/PSP/GAME/UO gpSP kai -> ux0:/data/retroarch/savefiles). Upon launching the games, it starts as...
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    Homebrew Official HID to VPAD

    "WUP games" isn't a thing. It's Wii U games, Wii games, Gamecube games, or Virtual Console games. Gamecube games always run through Nintendont, there's no other (reasonable) way for them to be run.
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    Homebrew Official HID to VPAD

    It works on Wii U games and ONLY Wii U games. Gamecube games are run under vWii with Nintendont. To use a Gamecube Controller with Nintendont, plug in the adapter and the controller. You'll need a Wiimote to launch the game without it setting the Wii U Gamepad to Player 1.
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    Hacking Emulation RetroArch/Libretro Thread: PS Vita Edition! Nightlies Included

    Googled "GPD XD Specs" and the first result says that (at least the plus version), has a quad core processor running at 2.1 GHz, while the Vita's is downclocked from 2 GHz to a 500 MHz maximum.
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    Homebrew Official HID to VPAD If you take a look at the config file I posted, I managed to map the Left Analog stick to Gamecube DPad (I was using a GBA to test, but the GBA was emulating a Gamecube Controller).
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    Homebrew DDD and titledumper do not work on Windows 10

    I'm pretty sure that's the error message for trying to run a 64-bit program on a 32-bit computer.
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    Hacking Is there a better version of PSX2PSP?

    Oof. GBATemp killed my images. Fixing it now.
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    Hacking Is there a better version of PSX2PSP?

    Gonna try to tl;dr this. Basically I'm wondering if there's something available that puts text in like with the 3DS Virtual Console injections. Adding text/ESRB to the right one so that it looks like it's a PSN download.
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    Hacking PS TV USB Corruption Issue

    I'm not going to get a HDD for it, wouldn't be worth it. I have a SSD for holding game backups and other stuff, but I only plug it up as necessary. Also, if a flash drive has corrupted to the point where it's unusable, why would I want to risk an HDD? And it'd probably need to be externally...
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    Hacking PS TV USB Corruption Issue

    I've been using USBs as storage for about a month now, and every USB I use, ends up becoming corrupted. I've tried usbmc and storagemgr with the same effect happening on both. It's worth mentioning that I don't use standby mode. Two USBs that ended up corrupted were SanDisk 8 GB flash drives...
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    Hacking does anyone know why 3.65enso will disable after restore system

    update365 Enso is coded specifically to read from vs0, normal Enso will only read files from ur0. You can always just use the installer to get update365 installed (I did this last week) but it's not recommended.
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