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    Sep 1, 1985 (Age: 32)
    Bacoor, Cavite
    Just an average guy who happens to have a passion on music and video games. I've been a gamer since the NES era up until now and currently has no plans to drop the controller anytime soon. So if video games are your thing, let's talk. Who knows what cool ideas we can share. :)

    Some consoles and handhelds that I currently own (and works!):

    Game & Watch Oil Panic (1990-Present)
    Game & Watch Mario Bros. (1991-Present)
    Sega Mega Drive (2000-Present)
    Sony PlayStation (2000-Present)
    Sony PlayStation 2 (2002-Present)
    Game Boy Color (Teal) (2013-Present)
    Game Boy Advance (2001-Present)
    Game Boy Advance SP (Front Lit) (2007-Present)
    Game Boy Advance SP (Back Lit) (2012-Present)
    Nintendo DS Lite (Jet Black) (2009-Present)
    Nintendo 3DS (Cosmo Black) (2011-Present)
    Nintendo 3DS XL (Red/Black) (2013-Present)
    Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP-1001) (Piano Black) (2012-Present)
    Sony PSP go (Piano Black) (2011-Present)

    As you can see from my list above, I currently do not own some latest gen hardware (except for the 3DS of course), but hey, I do enjoy what I have at the moment and I'm happy. Game on!

    Just in case you wanna add me on your friend list, here is my:

    3DS Friend Code: 5069-4060-5440 (NNID: LouAllet)
    PSN ID: LouAllet

    Please give me a pm just in case you want to add me so I can add you back ok? Ciao and happy gaming!


    3DS Friend Code: 5069-4060-5440
    NNID: LouAllet
    PSN ID: LouAllet
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