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    Gaming Homebrew Emulation The Legend Of Zelda: N64 Collection (NSP Forwarder Edition)

    I got it all installed alright and the games work. However, in any of the games, when I push "-" the game freezes and I have to kill the game from HOS.
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    Epic vs. Apple ruling says Apple must allow users to be redirected to other payment systems

    I think a lot of people are misunderstanding the scope of the rule change. Apple doesn’t have to allow alternative payment systems. They just can’t forbid apps from telling the customer about external payment options. IE; the Netflix app. It only lets you sign in. You need to already have an...
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    Hacking Trinket m0 question

    That is the guide for the hardware only. You follow the sister thread for the firmware. But in short, it loads payload.bin from the root of the SD card.
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    Hacking How big do i make the hidden Partition?

    The 2x is for if you want two Separate partitions for some reason.
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    Hacking Question How to manually delete user

    This worked perfectly. First it unlinked the account, than I could delete it!
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    Hacking Question How to manually delete user

    Can’t delete linked accounts there because the switch tries to connect to Nintendo to unlink the account first, which obviously it can’t do.
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    Hacking Question How to manually delete user

    Anyone know how I can manually delete a user? I can’t remove my legit account from my emummc because it was linked.
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Cool. Now recreate the emummc, I’d use hekate, and than, start each game and create a save file, then overwrite those saves with your backups. Also remember though that checkpoint does not so system saves, only user. auto Correct
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    Hacking best ATMOSPHERE Setup after KOSMOS died

    I know people do this, yes. I don't have an SX pro myself so I don't know what you need to do. I'd imagine you need a boot.dat that chainloads payload.bin .
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    Hacking RELEASE MultiFruit AIO :: Lite pack for start in homebrew world!

    Is the project dead already? The GH is 404.
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    Hacking SX product suggestion

    This is a bad analogy because it is illegal to be in possession of cocaine, but not illegal to consume it. It would be more like labeling poppers as "tape head cleaner".
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    Homebrew Suggestion SugarBombEngine Nintendo Switch Port (Fallout 3/NV)

    I never played Morrowind. I wouldn't mind an updated version of it! Obviously New Vegas is the best one though.
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    Hacking SX product suggestion

    I would say you could ask Bung Enterprises Ltd how that went when they tried to fight the import bans of the Doctor v64, but they went out of business after losing their cases.
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    Hacking Sx Core and Sx Lite , test Units Received

    I think you mean the Doctor v64 by Bung Enterprises. Injections were granted against the product and shipments seized and destroyed at the US boarder. However, they continued making them and selling them, just not directly to US customers. When they were sued in HK they shutdown and dissolved...
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