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    Hacking Slot 1 GBA

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    Hacking Kingston 1GB Japan for 8.59USD

    lol, so it doesn't matter where you buy it from. taiwanese cards work just as well for practically everything, besides Castlevania. I myself have a taiwan card that I bought from before buying the japanese one.
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    Hacking Kingston 1GB Japan for 8.59USD

    Sorry didn't see that reviewer, so I guess it's up to chance. in any case good luck with your purchase.
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    Hacking Kingston 1GB Japan for 8.59USD

    Like I said in the second post in this thread, I bought it from meritline and it took 3 days to get to me, here in NY, with free shipping. And if you take a look at the ratings in their page they all say that it is ineed the japanese...
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    Hacking General flash card question

    That's right. Get: 1. Retail Nintendo DS 2. R4/M3 Simply AND a microSD memory card. or 2. Any other flash cart of your choosing. Flashing your DS is not neeed in either case except if you'd like to download play and your DS is the receiving one.
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    Hacking Kingston 1GB Japan for 8.59USD

    how do you know it's japanese? by the way I bought one of these from not a week ago, it was just 9.99 with free shipping, arrived in 3 days and turned out to be japanese. It solved my ingame freezes and sluggish intros in both PoR and DoS
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    FlashMe v8 released

    What about the sleep mode issue when booting from SLOT-2 without anything in SLOT-1? Also, does a DSLite with flashme v7 in it, need bridging to upgrade to this?
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    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    oh.. come on! don't be like that, please make one for M3 Simply too for the rest of us.
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    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    Could someone make an M3 Simply skin based on the Phantom Hourglass's artwork? Please.
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    The Aftermath

    LOL It was sort of scary seeing all those kids go nuts over pokemon. I was just about to take out my pokedex and see what you call a pokemon that spams the hell out of boards, but just then costello ended the madness. P.S. I used to like pokemon but after red and blue the series became too...
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    M3 DS Simply Loader 1.04 Final released

    Is there anyway to make a request known to the R4/M3 team? because I'd like to see some changes in the next firmware; like the loading window to be integrated into the skin or be made skin-able, rom info in the lower screen to be removed (revision and filename) and a way to set the default...
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    Hacking M3 Simply Review

    Were you drunk while writing this review? nice review! kudos
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    Gaming Need 100% save for Jump! Ultimate Stars

    thanks a lot for that link, I was also looking for that save.
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    Credit Card Fraud

    yeah! I figured as much. that's why the money is just sitting there, waiting if they take it out. it's $1000 dollars so it's a bit tempting to use it, but I know better. In any case, I should sue them for making such a gross mistake, it's not even funny.
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    Credit Card Fraud

    I hear a lot of people here talking about their experiences with credit fraud and having unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts. But has anyone had a deposit made into their account which it's not theirs? I went to check my checking account two days ago and realized Santa had left a very...
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