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    Hacking WiiKeyU pre-orders! Post yours!

    I'll wait for Some reviews too :)..
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    Gaming iextreme firmware

    yes this is possible. no exp. with stickers though.
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    Gaming SNES9x on Wii saving problem

    I don't think saving is possible on snes9x.. Though I hope im wrong
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    Gaming Alien Syndrome PAL Wii - WiiZARD

    Im grabbing! why not!? I just bought 100 dvd-r's for 18 euro .. So 1 game for 18 cents is fine with me
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    100th Post!

    hmm how much I got been member longer than most of you!
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    Gaming Carnival Games NTSC Wii - VORTEX

    hmm, nice game.. hope it works on PAL ..
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    Gaming Metroid Prime 3 Videos In Shop Channel!

    I so hope MP3 is gonne work in PAL consoles !! There 2 new vids btw.
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    Hacking Anyone else worried about the new update with MP3?

    no worries here nintendo is kinda stupid that way. Though it will have the update in it, probarbly wont brick anything.
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    Gaming One of the most brilliant things I've read

    alcohol. best example there is. 1 of the worst drugs in the world, but universally accepted.
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    Gaming Wii Surprise Coming September.

    WTF is golden sun is coming out for wii I wil be like Cartman omfgz..!
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    Gaming Every E3 '07 Wii Game Trailer

    all the movies lag like shit over here..
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    Wii E3 secret revealed??

    I think he means WOW - thats bad... He doenst refer to good gfx, I think he refers to bad gfx
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    Wii #0183 - Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (USA)

    eweka ftw 7,50 euro's per month for super-fast usenet ..
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    Wii #0183 - Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (USA)

    according to wiki it works on PAL Testing it in few hours
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    Hardware Just installed wii Key today

    Eh make sure you run the .bat first...
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