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    But when I run a DS game with LoadMe on a GBA flashcart, Download Play to unflashed DS units works. With the M3 it doesn't. Why is that so?
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    I run it from a flashed DS and tried downloading from an unflashed one. It didn't work... (freeze at Nintendo logo) Anyone know why? Any workaround? It only happens when I use M3. When I use a flashcart, download games usually work. But I can't run this demo kiosk server on my flashcart it...
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    New GBM player

    ZOMG tahts so AWESUM!
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    In my opinion, this is way better than Zoo Keeper and Polarium. But not better than Meteos.
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    Sorry, but the Japanese name is "Pokémon Trosé" (and NOT Torouze, Toroze, whatever). Source: Japanese instruction manual and game credits roll. The "DS sceners" just keep writing it wrong.
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    How did you figure out that?
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    Does a Japanese English one exist? If so, which #?
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    Nice save type
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    New Review: Super Card SD & Super Pass 2

    Looks like Supercard really sucks. M3 can easily beat it. Thanks for the review.
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    I also have this problem. "this images disabled if you wish to view these images please register or login." So annoying ¬¬
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    DS #0168: Mario Kart DS (U)

    English only Sinkhead Edit: That wasn't nice. Post Edited.
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    This is fun! For me it's the GBA game of the year 2005!
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    Reviews: Another Review!

    Welcome to XboxTemp!
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    What's ya'llz problem? This is way better than the never ending Barbie series...
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