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    Homebrew FCEUGX-1UP

    This looks like a really well managed fork, good stuff @Tanooki16 ! Glad to see it keeping reasonably up to date with the source. One question, since I use the emulator with my CRT, which palette is ideal in this seutp? FBX has changed the names and the colors so many times over the years that...
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    Homebrew Not64 Update

    Does anyone here know if Wii64 has any nightly builds somewhere? They've been updating it recently and also merging in some of Not64's changes from the looks of it. The latest release on Github is from 2018 though.
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    Homebrew Forcing N64 VC games into 240p - is it possible?

    Not that I'm aware of, sadly. A couple months after I created this thread in 2016, I posted in the USBLoaderGX thread regarding the GXRModeObj, and Cyan was kind enough to provide a quick experimental build of USBLoaderGX with the object implemented.
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    Homebrew Not64 Update

    Anyone know how to activate 240p with Wii64 Rice, if it's possible?
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    Homebrew Not64 Update

    Wow, tons of updates in the last month! You rock Extrems, thanks for taking the time for this. I thought N64 emulator development on Wii was never going to pick up again. Is there a changelist anywhere to get an overview of what was added/fixed?
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    Homebrew So how many here remember Project M?

    Project M is what got me into competitive Smash, following the development of it was one hell of a ride. I started way back when 2.1 was just released. I never thought I could be so passionate about a fan game. It's a better game than both Brawl and 4, in what it attempts to accomplish at...
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    Homebrew got a free wii from a friend, looking to play ds/gba games.

    DS emulation on Wii is nothing more than experimental, you'll be lucky if you can get a game to run 5 minutes without major issues. As for GBA, you absolutely want the latest build of mGBA. It has rendered VBAGX completely and utterly obsolete for 99% of GBA games.
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    Homebrew Wii 240p emulators

    Yep, sounds like your TV didn't support the 240p signal. Upscalers are absolutely a good way to play older games on modern TVs, but in the end it's really a matter of preference when going either the upscaler route or CRT route. Both have advantages and disadvantages. There's a growing number...
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    Homebrew Wii 240p emulators

    The benefits of 240p really only apply if you use a CRT for older games. 240p adds scanlines to the image which gives 2D sprite art more definition. Like I said previously, almost all games before the gamecube era were designed with 240p in mind, so you're getting the native resolution for those...
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    Homebrew Wii 240p emulators

    It's true that the Wii can do higher, but the vast majority of games that are supported by the hombrew emulators are designed to be played in 240p. It looks far better than 480i for those games, provided you are using a 15khz CRT.
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    Homebrew Wii 240p emulators

    It's worth it once you do. There's less input lag in the Nestopia RA core compared to FCEUGX, it has firebrandX's latest pallettes, and far more customizability. You'll want 512x224 resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio, 640 VI width, all filters off, and whatever pallette you like (I like fbx-NTSC...
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    Homebrew Good PSX Emulator for Wii??

    PSX and N64 emulators are not particularly developed for Wii. They're experimental at best, so you're probably out of options past WiiSX.
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    Homebrew How much Input Lag do VBAGX and mGBA have?

    Um...what? That doesn't make any sense. The 240p test suite is a completely separate homebrew program, it has nothing to do with any emulator at all. Every emulator (regardless of platform) is going to have its own degree of input lag that can't be tested outside of the emulator itself. That...
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    Homebrew mGBA official standalone Wii port

    Oh, awesome! That works as well. Have you considered submitting a pull request for just the VI width change to the main branch? I feel like this is important to have in the main build, as it's a fix for a glaring oversight in the Wii port as opposed to an extraneous feature/enhancement.
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    Homebrew mGBA official standalone Wii port

    Alright, so I was able to compile after commenting out some areas of code that were having trouble. Unfortunately after selecting a game in the browser, it does not load and am kicked back out to the homebrew channel. The area that I needed to comment out seems like it can't find video-logger.h...
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