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    Complete Jailbreak Guide

    Nice guide, Thanks!!
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    Hacking report card for the Supercard DSTWO’re buying a flash card typically used for illegal purposes… HAVE to give these companies a bit of latitude.
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    USA shipping times?

    Got mine in 7 days....I'm in the NW...thats fast!
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    Hacking Supercard DSTWO hardware failure

    Thanks for the update....I'll be interested in seeing what happens.
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    Hacking DSTwo Shipped

    They allowed more than 100 pre-orders....yours will probably be shipped next week.
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    Hacking Where to buy DSTWO CHEAP!!!!

    AGAIN....mygamingmart doesn't know shit..... Buy from shoptemp and support gbatemp.....
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    Hacking Hori screen protectors

    Try doing it in the bathroom, after a shower or something....the steam will get rid of the dust.
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    In a nutshell....gamingmart has no clue....just like the rest of us.
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    Hacking Acekard 2i + DSi XL = freeze on every game...

    OK, I've been having the same problems as many posters here.... Got my Ak2i 3 weeks ago....worked fine at first then it started locking up on everything.... I got a Kingston TWN 8gb card from Meritline....I think that's the cause...It's quite a bit slower than my JPN Kingston card 1gb...
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    Hacking Acekard 2i + DSi XL = freeze on every game...

    "Ancient wisdom: "If you have nothing useful to say; say nothing." - You should follow you own advice in your signature.....
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    Wood R.P.G/R4 v1.06

    Thank you, YWG!!!!
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    Hacking Wood R4 Update're killing me
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    Hacking Where should I buy one

    come've got over 1,000 posts and you didn't know this site is littered with post about
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    Hacking R4 Ultra or Acekard2i or iEdge?

    dude...nothing's been confirmed...that is a FALSE date! go change the title on your other thread... i could find a half a dozen sites that said diablo 3 was suppose to be out the 3 years ago...
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    you should change the title....nothing's been confirmed.
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