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    Gaming 3DS YouTube Revive?

    there are so many things wrong with this, i'm just going to list them 1. you're missing the entire fact that the old 3ds browser has NO video capabilities whatsoever 2. it's not as simple as "just watching on a cellphone", some people prefer the 3ds, or like me, want to experience the old app...
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    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    is it possible to replace the health and safety info app on a new 3ds/new 2ds with the one from the old 3ds? any tools that you recommend please check if they work on macOS, i use a mac and i can't install most windows apps through wine because of macOS 10.15 removing 32 bit apps
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    Homebrew Changing Pokémon Virtual Console banner without losing Pokémon Bank capability

    how do you go about doing that? you just open the source code in xcode and build it?
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    Hacking Convert .NDS to .CIA

    technically you could convert it to a DSiWare NDS version and convert that to a CIA
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    Homebrew [RELEASE] fw2nds - build firmware.nds from firmware.bin

    how do i get this to work??
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    Homebrew [RELEASE]CtrRGBPATTY Notification LED changer

    so, what type of notifications does this change? (streetpass, spotpass, friend, etc.)
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    Homebrew TwilightMenu++ DS games not working. "An error has occurred" NEW 3DS

    same problem. only when i’m launching some NDS dsiware
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    Homebrew Post Homebrew ideas, suggestion, requests here

    A screen recorder that saves to the SD card, with no PC required (i have macbook air with shit cooling) Modify titles, publishers, icons/banners for apps. Banner and icon are not required, but i'd love if you could add that
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    Gaming BRSAR in SF2?

    i'm so desperate for a mii channel or wii shop soundfont, i tried myself. but i don't have the tools or knowledge. BRSAR extractor crashes in wine, and i have no other apps in mind. help. i need this sf2 file so much!!
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    Gaming Wii Menu Electronic Manual

    you'd need manual a customized wad. vwii is still very similar to wii menu, so in theory, it world be fine.
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    Hacking Problems extracting BRSAR file...

    wii scrubber's link broke, so i found a link here on GBAtemp[4838]Wiiscrubber140Kit.rar (unlinked cuz just signed up)
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