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    Hardware 3DS XL $145 + tax from Toys R Us via ebay. Only 7500 available - multiple colors.

    I got a Red 3DS from this batch and it was firmware 4.4.0-10u from 2012, BTW.
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    Hacking Configurable USB Loader

    Could someone list the proper cheat code settings for Zelda SS (hook type, etc)? I can get the game running without codes on CFG, but it won't work with codes. I can get the game to run with codes on NeoGamma, but I'd prefer to use CFG from now on. I made a GCT file from the Gecko site...
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    Skyward Sword release on 11/11 in switzerland

    I think it's WBFS Manager on Windows. An easier way though would be to format it on your Wii with USB Loader GX.
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    Hacking AK2 vs AK2i over build quality

    On my Acekard 2i, it's difficult to set the MicroSD into the slot. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the spring to make it stick. I also have a hard time getting the SD card out of the slot. With the M3 Simply, it's much easier - one push and it slides out. It feels like the SD sits...
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    Gaming Zelda Spirit Tracks train speed cheat

    Yes, the other train & misc cheats all work, just not the train cheat with the key combo.
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    Gaming Zelda Spirit Tracks train speed cheat

    Hmm, it's not working.
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    Gaming Zelda Spirit Tracks train speed cheat

    I'm trying to get the train speed modifier going. I can use the "Always On" code no problem, but I can't get the "Press Up + L/R" codes to work. I'd rather have the quadruple speed to turn on and off. I tried this on a M3 Simply (R4 Wood) and an Acekard 2i with the latest cheats. I assume...
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    Nintendo 3DS photos, videos and more

    I want it, but I think I wait will a year for a revision and for them to build up a more established software lineup.
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    Hacking How to get MGS: Peace Walker to Work

    I followed all the steps and compressed to CSO and it boots up fine. Haven't played yet.
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    Gaming Peacewalker dumped.

    I realize that, but I just want the Codec audio.
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    Gaming Peacewalker dumped.

    I only have a 2 GB stick. If I did the minimal 300 MB install, would I still get the Codec audio?
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    Hacking Fatal Frame 4 English Translation Patch

    You know, I actually skipped over the part where I was supposed to copy the Patch Contents into their respective folders in the "ff4data" folder. Oops.
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    Hacking Fatal Frame 4 English Translation Patch

    I followed the guide a few pages back with Wiiscrubber and partitionbuilder and everything seemed to go smoothly, but it doesn't boot. I tried it on DVD-R and USB (w/ NeoGamma) and I get to the Japanese text telling to plug in the nunchuk, but then it goes black and nothing happens. Was that...
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    Hacking Compiling WBFS on Mac OS X

    I'd appreciate the ability to format a USB drive in the program. I also wonder if there would be a way for the program to scan an ISO before transfer and tell you the file size it will shrink to on the USB drive. That way you wouldn't have to estimate what will fit. Thanks very much!
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    Hacking Compiling WBFS on Mac OS X

    Not sure what single transfer mode is. I had a similar problem like that with regular Leopard, but it hasn't happened in awhile. I would get spinning beach ball and then it wouldn't even quit fully, so I had to force shutdown my Mac. Maybe format your USB drive with USB Loader and try again?
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