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    Retro Review #4

    Nice review of Rock'n Roll Racing. I remember playing that game over and over. That was the best racing game on the Super Nintendo. Should be on V.C.
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    Hacking Homebrew gameboy color roms

    Thanks thats a start
  3. jeff2805

    Hacking Homebrew gameboy color roms

    Does anybody know a good program to rename gameboy and gameboy color roms? I can't find any that is easy to understand. Thanks Jeff
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    NDS #0001 - Metroid.Prime.First.Hunt-DF

    So is there a emulator to play the rom yet? Now I have to find the rom. Oh joy...
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    GBArms 3 released!

    no image problems with me either. I just have the problem with the unknown menu. Like I mention before, hopefully somebody can help me with that. The program is awesome.
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    GBArms 3 released!

    How come under the unknown tab all the roms that are listed are the roms that are no-intro roms under the main tab. GBarms says that I have 1527 roms because it is adding the roms in the unknowm tab. I have all 1395 roms workable. How do you erase the roms that are listed under the unknown...
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