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  • I see you've updated your sig--except N3DS support is out now. :)
    Jao Chu
    Jao Chu
    Lol, funny story about that, literally 3 days after i made the new sig, gateway 3.0 was released haha. Watch my sig, it can predict when the next Gateway update is released!
    Hello lysergic_one.

    I just wanted to ask you something if it is okay with you.

    I am looking to buy a preowned 3DS, ver 4.1-4.5 from EB games for the gateway so was wondering where did you buy your ver 4.4 white 3DS XL from in Sydney.
    I was just asking so that I can go to that shop to get a regular 3DS if they don't let me check the system version of the consoles at EB games. Thank you.
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