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    Hacking Cheat Maker for Supercard DSTWO/iPlayer/gpSP

    Brilliant programe and a necessary tool for the GBA emulator. Props!
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    Hacking Is it illegal to buy flashcarts in the UK?

    Hi, just a quick question. I'm thinking of ordering a Supercard DS two from Shoptemp, however I'm worried that this is illegal - more specifically in the UK. Obviously the item will get stopped in customs, and I believe it is illegal to import flashcarts for the purposes of supplying / reselling...
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    New M3 DS Simply Loader Released - 1.01 English

    I thought it was impossible to load GBA games off a slot 1 Cart because the transfer speeds were different or something? I'm not sure of the specifics. This would mean a simple RAM expansion would do nothing for GBA support. Maybe an additional slot 2 cart comes with the M3 real? This means...
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    PS1/2 PS3 eBay restrictions

    This is also most probably due to the lik-sang scandel aswell.
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