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    Nick is releasing a Smash Bros. clone called Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

    I see a lot of negativity in this post, and I'm not sure why? Nick reached out to and licensed Ludocity, a small indie dev team who already released a fairly successful Smash-like platform fighter called Slap City. They've already shown themselves to be competent developers, so I'm definitely...
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    Gaming Mario 3D Allstars - Crashing issue

    --This post has been deleted by the user--
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    The Best of 35 Years - Mario's Greatest Genre Adventures

    Two days ago on September 14th, the plumbing paragon of platforming Super Mario himself celebrated his 35th birthday. Leading up to the festivities, Nintendo shadow-dropped a "Direct" stream focusing exclusively on upcoming Mario games. In the Direct, Nintendo unveiled a port of Super Mario 3D...
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    Fairytales and fantasy have always been about escape. Likewise, video games are a modern take on the idea of escapism media. The ability to transport oneself into another world--even another body. It is a comforting sensation to take on the role of a powerful hero. When this idea of safety and...
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    Homebrew Discussion Egg NS, a Switch emulator for Android devices

    The Switch isn't half as weak as trying to bait people on every vaguely Nintendo-related post, though.
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    Gaming Nexomon: Extinction

    Back in 2017, the original Nexomon title released to iOS and Android devices. It was met with fairly positive reception, with many calling it a successful, if not somewhat simple, mobile alternative to the monster-gaming giant, Pokemon. October 2019, however, saw a trailer for a PC/console...
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    [UPDATE] Epic Games to sue Apple and Google

    I believe Epic is entitled to all the money they get from the games they make, but if they don't want to give Apple a 30% cut they shouldn't agree to the Apple ToS that demands that 30% cut. I barely had any sympathy for Epic when they willfully broke a ToS they agreed and then acted surprised...
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    Hardware Anyone think that Sony should make a new handheld

    Same thing as everyone else in the thread said. 'd be cool if they ditched proprietary memory and actually got second-/third-party support for it. If they can't manage that, I'm not sure I'd want a PlayStation Micro.
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    Mom and Sis want to buy me a dressing gown for my birthday

    Guys can wear whatever they like. But also, have you never watched "A Christmas Carol?" Ebenezer Scrooge spends the whole movie in a nightgown.
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    [UPDATE] 'Fortnite' removed from the App Store and Google Play Store

    Just because they don't need the money doesn't mean they aren't entitled to it. The 30% cut is absolutely ludicrous.
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