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    Renowned EDGE team is back !

    Considering their previous track record, I hope people stay away from their products, it's really an unnecessary risk to get a modchip that could lose support from one day to the next, especially when there are much better companies with similar products, and far less risk involved.
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    Gaming Star Fox 64 3D Discussion

    I got to play the demo on a store display, and it looks really great in motion, far better than the N64 version. The controls seem smoother too, it's a damn shame about the lack of online multiplayer.
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    Wii #2661 - Driver: San Francisco (Europe)

    If the problem is that firmware update it tries to call, does that mean it works fine if you're on 4.3?
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    ROM Hack Fire Emblem 12 ~Heroes~ English Translation Project

    Holy schnitzel, awesome news, made my day. Thanks, everyone.
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    Hardware If my 3ds is PAL i can play games from USA ?

    It seems like a step back. I'd have imported SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked if it were possible.
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    More info on the 3DS Ambassador program.

    Wouldn't it be funny if an exploit was found in one of those exclusives.
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    Hacking How does one make IEvo boot in DSI

    They used to be one of the best providing support, now they pretty much tell everyone to fuck off.
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    Gaming Bit.Trip Saga Gameplay

    I doubt they'd call it Saga and only include one game.
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    Gaming New Wii 2 info leaked from IGN

    It'd be great if you could use the 3DS as a controller.
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    Hardware Thoughts on 3DS Price?

    It's selling at 250€ here in Europe, ~$350, which is 40% more than what americans are paying, fitting, since we make so much more money on average.
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    DS #5458: Radiant Historia (USA)

    You thought it was meant to be funny? It seemed like a warning from someone who is genuinely concerned, and there's good reason to be, if what's said in the nfo is true.
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    DS #5458: Radiant Historia (USA)

    It just never stops to amaze me how self-entitled to anything they want some people can be.
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    Wii #2491 - The Last Story (Japan)

    One of the best Wii game covers I've seen. I hope I have the chance of playing this in English, one day.
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    Hacking Mighty Channels

    Actually, Bit Trip Fate already works for me in Beta4, running under cIOS rev21, base 56, on slot 248. It's running from an SDHC NAND, if that makes any difference. The only Bit Trip that won't run for me is Void, neither with rev17 or rev21, all the others have been running fine since the...
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