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    Hacking COD - MW3

    The game is hard coded in French so changing Wii language settings wont do anything, neither does the game have in-game language settings. The PAL release works when 'Forced NTSC' but its a bit laggy during heavy action. The French version didn't lag. dumpTruck posted the USA version about 2...
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    Hacking COD - MW3

    Not necessarily because the NFO doesnt state what language its in. The did put NTSC though, maybe they made a mistake. The PAL Release does state that its English so its in English.
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    Hacking MW3 Frozen
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    Hacking COD - MW3

    You downloaded the french Copy......wait for English version or try the PAL version. Good luck.
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    Hacking WII Sport Resort

    this this.....kinomi posted a fix. It works for a lot of people and it worked for me too.
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