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    Wii #2040 - Trauma Team (USA)

    I'm running 3.2 on a Japanese console, which I think might be the difference. I'll try forcing English and NTSC and see how it goes. I actually had it working for bit, then decided to update to Cios v19 and now everything is going haywire, lol.
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    Wii #2040 - Trauma Team (USA)

    What settings are you using for USB Loader GX? I keep just getting a black screen when I try and load it.
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    Hacking Monster hunter tri

    Same problem here can't seem to get Gecko to read my DVD's. I'm loading from the homebrew channel, is that a problem?
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    New Review - DS-Xtreme 4Gbit

    Sweet, it works as a passme device. I have a G6lite and i love it, but having both would give me pretty much every feature i could want, espcially single cart multiplayer, woot!
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    Gaming Lego Star Wars 2 ds

    I've been having problems with the DS version of Lego Star Wars, as it seems to be loaded with glitches (which most reviews have noted). I've been able to work my way around most of them, but during the escape from the death star when i have to fight vader, he seems to be invincible, and i spent...
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    Hacking G6 U-Disk Manager v4.4 is out

    I'm sure the G6 team will work out the kinks, hopefully they'll be able to get it so i can transfer creatures from my pokemon game to the DS version when it comes out.
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    Hacking G6 U-Disk Manager v4.4 is out

    Sweeet! Lego Star Wars here i come!
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    Gaming Final Fantasy 12 announced for DS!

    Sounds good to me. I'm glad Sqaureenix has stopped being afraid of sequalitis.
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    been looking forward to this, the screens look solid, and i loved the first game.
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    Hacking G6 Lite Corruption Issues

    i've got an english g6 lite for about a month and i've not had any problems. I've been using it for a solid few hours a day and it seems to be holding up fine.
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    Huh thats strange, because I just used the standard procedure and didn't have any problems. So far I've played about 10 mins without any problems.
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    Hacking Anyone ordered G6 Lite from Hopebuy?

    I ordered from hopebuy and have no complaints. They were professional and the package was delivered fast.
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    Hacking g6 lite single cart dl play

    thanks, sorry about still very green when it comes to this stuff. I'll try to use the search button a litte more.
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    Hacking g6 lite single cart dl play

    Is anyone else having problems trying to get single-cart play to work? I get the download started on my friends DS's and then they go to a white screen and just hang. The roms work perfectly otherwise.
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    ROM Hack DS Doom 1.0.0 released

    Guess i'll wait, i understood about a third of that.
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