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    iPlayer hands-on impressions

    Looks like this simple small card has a better video processor then the DS has
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    Hacking Nintendo DSi hacked!

    It's probably real because it's from Yasu But it looks awfully lot likes it's just a GIF or Video
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    ROM Hack Pokémon Platinum - A little more English.

    Not mac friendly
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    Wii #0860 - Line Rider 2: Unbound (USA)

    Would have been worth as a WiiWare but this is ridiculous + This game is old and usually free
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    New DS confirmed

    Obvious one for Camera Games which is in front and the other one for usage as a photo camera which would be the 3MP camera
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    Will you buy the new DSi handheld?

    I don't have a DS anymore since it broke, but looking at this I don't want a DS anymore It's so ugly with the camera in front, plus I think it's an to big expansion for a simple redesign which isn't going to last long since the DS line is really old already
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    New DS confirmed

    Course it can, there are already some Custom Firmwares for Regular DS's/Lite's but they suck And nobody is going to be interested to make custom firmwares for a device that is dying and old Just my thoughts
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    New DS confirmed

    OMG, It's ugly And late, they'd better make a new Nintendo Portable system then making a redone design
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    New DS flash cart: NPlayer

    Sounds like another R4 Clone maybe with another Theme but that's it
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    First GTA CTW Details

    Wouldn't have expected this crappy quality form Rockstar it's a shame
  11. Hit


    Shouldn't you blame the Post service
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    Comment by 'Hit' in 'APPLE I HATE YOU'

    Shouldn't you blame the Post service
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    Gaming Recommended GTA IV PC requirements

    That aren't very high requirements for recommended requirements, that's a bad thing
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    Temper Pics - Post Them Shits Up, Son

    Nice way to go to work, lol I love the haircut, but wouldn't do it my self
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    [Rumor]new DS Widescreen is coming April 2009: IGN

    Are they talking about a all new DS or so? Because It seems very unlikely to make such big changes for only a redone design
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