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    Homebrew [Release] DevilutionX for 3DS

    "Stay a while, and listen." Giving this a try on my N2DS.
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    Masks after COVID?

    I'll keep wearing it because at this point we seem stuck with COVID.
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    Welcome to GBAtemp v8!

    Yay! Looks wonderful, happy to see another step in GBAtemp's evolution.
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    Matrix: Resurrections

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    Single Occupant Coconut

    Single Occupant Coconut
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    Profile Pictures. Tell us why you choose it!

    It used to be a round ninja thing for years, but now it's a chocolate chip wookie cookie. :D
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    Homebrew Batch CIA 3DS Decryptor - A simple batch file to decrypt CIA & 3DS

    Probably resurrecting an old thread but, thanks for making this, works great.
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    Suicide of Near, bsnes and higan developer

    RIP Near/Byuu, he was a talented guy, lost due to cyberbullying.
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    Hacking Retroarch There is nothing more that works

    Well, you can use the online updater to update assets, core list, etc, see if that works?
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    Welcome :)
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    Hello Humans!

    Well hiiii
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    Trump brought back firing squads, the electric chair, and gasing people.

    I get a sinking feeling it isn't for people who break the law, but that's just my tinfoil hat heating up.
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