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    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    Works great. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Tutorial [Tutorial] How to transfer WiiU BotW Savegame to your Switch

    Does anyone have v1.1.0 update nsp? I am trying to convert my wii u save file so I can play it on my Switch. My Wii u Zelda version is 1.1.0 and the tutorial said both versions must be the same. Thanks
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    Hacking Biskey help

    Looks like biskeydumpv7 lets you save keys to microsd card. I'll test tomorrow.
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    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    Maybe it will pick up speed after dumping those tiny files. God of War is 39 GB. I have the NA version.
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    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    Last night I canceled the dump after 2 hrs. There were 35,000 files at 700 megs. 2% an hour would take over 2 days to finish.
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    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    I'm dumping my God of War disc. 2 hrs in and only at 4%. Monster Hunter World took 30 minutes, and Ni No Kuni 2 took 50 minutes to fininish the dump. Why is God of War so slow?
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    Hacking 5.05 PUP?

    I'm on 4.55. When trying to update to 5.05 via USB I get this error. An Error has Occurred (SU-30634-6). I don't remember if I ran the update blocker payload. How to I unblock the block? Thanks
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    Gaming What FW Does KH 2.8 Require?

    How about Nioh?
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