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    Swallowing Shampoo

    the body will reject the shampoo, and usually, this means pooping. It's a diuretic, like fiber or exlax. Have fun.
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    Homebrew How to make homebrew

    Title makes me sound like a noob, but whatever. Is there a database for coding information regarding the DS? I've got an open-source program (win32&linux) that I'd love to port over... Where should I start?
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    Hacking Anyone plan to sell Wiinja clones?

    Well, not exactly correct - team cyclops is releasing a wii-chip next week. And also - just because we mod our Wii's / gaming platforms does not mean we're pirates. Lots of us just want to increase the functionality (run homebrew) of our systems. Though, I can't say I am one of them (Arrr...
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    Gaming Hotel Dusk: Room 215

    Opium - are you stating that you have "obtained" a copy? Share the love.
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    Hacking Ordering/Shipping woes

    So, I've decided to order an R4DS from gameyeeeah, as it seems to be the cheapest (in lieu of bamboogaming, which is about $9 usd cheaper, though that option isn't available) and an Adata 1gb card (it uses SLC technology as some of you have suggested) So I come to you, asking if it is worth it...
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    Hacking MicroSD card - opinions How would this hold up, supposed to be 80x Can anyone recommend some microSD's under 1gb that should perform? Thanks.
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    Hacking GBA Support DS Slot 1 Devices

    lol, come on bro. use the search feature, as stated before. Yes, it is untrue. and the read/write speeds of MicroSD cards can infact make your games lag.
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    Hacking Just snagged a white DS Lite for $130

    Im in the northbay (near san fran) and there are DS lites here.. I know 3 targets have full stock, gamestop and gamecrazy as well. You can try craigslist, but you'll probably get a good few highballers that way.
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    Homebrew Can my computer handle DS emulation?

    you can get a gig for around 60 bucks. Or you can go to the dell outlet, and pick up a fairly nice computer for around 300. As someone else stated, you'll need a computer that can process at around 8-10x the speed of the original machine. Although your current specs shouldnt have too much of a...
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    Hacking NDS full compatability carts?

    Is the DS-Extreme the only card that supports full compatability for multiplayer games? (flash to unflash, unflashed to flashed, unflashed to unflashed, flashed to flashed & download play) Are there any others (including slot 2) that support games like the DS-X?
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    Hardware PSP questions

    Hey, just wanted to ask a few questions. Whats the best community for PSP Homebrew (i.e the site that is like GBAtemp for psp ) When you download psp roms, can you play them online/multiplayer (Battlefront / Medal of Honor) any information would be awesome - I just got a PSP and I want to know...
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    Those carts you review

    Do you get to keep em? I just think that would be awesome :-P
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    Homebrew Last Noob Question!

    Hey guys, last noob question. Which, in your opinions, are the best flash carts for the NDS? The DSlink sounds nice, as well as the DS-Xtreme. I'm looking for ease of use, reliability (for games and movies, if at all possible) How many games can usually be stored on a game cart? Any pointers...
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    Homebrew Good HomeBrew?

    Hey there, another newbie post What are some good apps for the DS? I've seen BEup, which is an MSN messenger app for the DS. Anything else out/coming out that might be nifty? I'm really deciding on whether or not to get a DS, and if it is as expansive as it seems - im there.
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    Homebrew Movie Quality on NDS?

    I've read on several sites that some NDS Carts allow for movies to be played. Whats the quality? I mean, how does it compare to other video players? Thanks
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