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      Not fighting with users
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      Nice Username.
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    Skills directly related to computers
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    web designer, web developer (php, sql, json, jsonp, js, xml, css, html), mid-level asm & nasm experience, debugger experience (mainly ollydbg & ce), vbulletin admin experience (5 years), vbulletin plugin writer, vbulletin bbcode creator, vbulletin template creator & modifier.
    experience with resource editors (reshacker & others), mediocre experience using gnu/linux flavors. experience with photoshop & dreamweaver. i mostly use though. experience with hex editing (hex editor neo / xvi32 / hexworkshop). experience flash cards, various ds & 3ds & psp exploits. experience with wireshark & other packet editing & analysis software. experience with unpacking/packing/dealing with obfuscation due to vm.

    no experience with hardware hacking.
    years of experience being a moderator & administrator of many websites.

    favorite browser: firefox, although it is going down the tubes fast.
    chat program of choice: skype, yahoo messenger, tox. i avoid irc or similar.

    favorite console: n64
    favorite games: final fantasy games, mario rpg games.
    favorite game of all time: a tie between yoshi's island & super mario 64.
    favorite color: green. purple is my second.
    favorite animal: pacman frog.
    favorite website: 4chan.
    my most prized possession: my action replay cartridge for my snes.