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    Hacking question about GC fuses

    Sounds to me like - if you were to downgrade your fw >9.0.0 then you would forfeit oem game cart usability
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    Hacking How to convert .xci to .nsp when using SX PRO??

    Heres what I did to get my keys (someone will speak up if any of these steps is unnecessary and/or I missed something): get lastest ReiNX get latest LockPickRCM extract and install both to root of microsd run lockpickRCM from boot menu (like Zaide said) rename resulting prod.keys to keys.txt...
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    Hacking Do not buy digitally from Eshop on 4.X

    I got shafted on downloading the zelda dlc at 6am et this morning.
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    Hacking Firmware status

    Seriously lucky. I got my gray switch from amazon 11/13/17 and it was on 3.0.2
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    Hacking SD2VITA 3.0 anyone tried this version~?

    My red font v3 is also working flawlessly. I did file down the top corners a tiny bit to make the cover sit flush. pic to show just how little had to be removed:
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    Hardware Nunchuck Problems

    Same thing (movement while stick was stationary) happened to one of my 'chuks. Solution came in the form of a new nunchuk.
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    Hardware Classic Controller
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    Hardware Help, Striped Screw

    He was just having a laugh at your spelling error. Striped- having stripes or bands. Stripped- to break off the thread of (a screw, bolt, etc.), as by applying too much force.
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    Hacking Load Rock Band 2 songs from USB?

    I have this card and it doesn't work in RB2. Is there something special that needs to be done for it to work?
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    Hacking USB charger for NDS/Lite

    No problems for me with USB charge cable. It just takes considerably longer to charge via USB versus using the AC adapter. BTW: I have used two (both from dealextreme). Neither is like the multi-output type you linked to.
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    Hacking My guide to Rock Band DLC

    You sure? Downloads working for me, still with non-updated shop channel. Songs play fine after download as well.
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