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    Tutorial Install fixed N64 games without dark filter on Wii U (Tutorial)

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm having some issues that I'm hoping somebody more experienced can address. I get to step 13 without issues, but I'm not sure where the "install" folder on the Wii U would be. I have one on my SD card that I use with WUP Installer, but the directions make it...
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    Homebrew WUP files to code/content/meta?

    Ooh no - I've never heard of it! I'll do some research and see what's what. I should also mention that I followed a tutorial to extract the folders directly from the Wii U using FTPiiU Everywhere, and had no luck installing with that method either.
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    Homebrew WUP files to code/content/meta?

    Hi all, I'm trying to remove the dark filters on N64 VC games - Paper Mario specifically. The game installs just fine from USB Helper into WUP GX2, where it's ~80 mb. When I use the "Unpack (Loadiine)" option in USB Helper to get the code/content/meta folders, it drops to ~60 mb. I changed the...
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