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    Official hakchi2 - NES Mini very simple pimp tool

    So Honeylab just figured out USB OTG and got it working; Looks like it will still need to be externally powered for now.
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    Official hakchi2 - NES Mini very simple pimp tool

    In one of his latest blog posts, he now thinks it's a hardware issue and is looking to see if he can trace down what the NES Mini board is potentially missing or is disconnected. He also recently bought an Olimex A33 dev board he is using as reference. It would be awesome if it wound up just...
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    Official hakchi2 - NES Mini very simple pimp tool

    You could probably get crafty and start compressing pngs, but as the actual partition size is only 390.79MB you're never going to get a 420MBs of data on there through conventional means. If You know Japanese and your handy with a soldering iron, Honeylab has a solution though...
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    Official hakchi2 - NES Mini very simple pimp tool

    You have about 300MB. Disabling the music doesn't free up any space, as it's just swapping in the silence.wav for the background/boot music and the files still exist in another folder.
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    Official hakchi2 - NES Mini very simple pimp tool

    I put up a How-To on the video up on /r/newclassicmods last night, but I kind of agree with Jelmer that with the new version coming out soon you might as well wait, unless you really want more ROMs right now. Also it doesn't allow you to upload more ROMs at one time, it just lets you upload your...
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    NES Classic Forum Request

    It's only a matter of time before hacking it blows up as the NAND has already been dumped, decoded and Doom is already been run on it. I'd imagine it will be pretty easy to load mods on in the future, as the Classic can be put in an FEL/fastboot mode like an Android phone/tablet. The only thing...
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    Average Post Count

    144 ( 0.1 per day / 0.01% of total forum posts ) I think there needs to be lurker awards... lol -FTen
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    Hacking triiforce mrc

    I've created an image pack for all 84 US NES VC games using their original box art. In order to make the boxes fit the dimensions properly I've rotated each box counter clock wise. I've left two of the Famicom imports (Dig Dug and Ninja JaJaMaru-kun) in their original format...
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    Hacking Nintys new copyright protection (BCA)

    I concur, the NTSC version worked without a BCA patch.
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    Hacking Do you think it's time to just give up Wii hacking?

    A workaround for 4.2 happened less then 12 hours after it's release and NSMB was cracked 2ish (or more) days before an offical release, I'm confused about your definition of hard. The harder something is to do, the more rewarding it is to do. -FTen
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    Hardware Help, Striped Screw

    Best way to get it out is a bit extractor. This kit has a zero bit extractor and the price isn't that bad, . These kits are good to have around anyway. Cheapest way is to use a drill, which I've used many time in the past to get out stripped screws...
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    Hardware How do you replace a wii fan?

    Q1. The best phillips head to use is a #00 size, although if you can't find a #00, a #0 should work with a little pressure. Q2. The cutting tool is used to pry up the feet and strickers that hide the screws. I use a tiny flat tip for that, but really you can use what ever you think will pry it...
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    Hardware How do you replace a wii fan?

    They also sell tri-wing screw driver bits in security bit sets. I just picked up this set at micro-center for 20 bucks, which is a pretty good deal for this size of a set. If you don't have a Micro Center try Radio Shack or a Frys. -FTen
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    Hacking StartPatch v4.2U Released!

    Good job guys and I agree Opera 4 life.
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