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    Zelda live-action Netflix series reportedly cancelled by Nintendo in 2015 following leaks

    Sounds to me like they wanted to cancel it for some other reason and used the leak as an excuse.
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    Nintendo is facing yet another class action lawsuit over Joy-Con drift

    People mentioning the Pro Controller please tell me how you are using it in Handheld mode. Not tabletop. Is there a mod where I can split my Pro Controller in half and glue some rails to it?
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    Nintendo removes Netflix from 3DS and Wii U eShops, service to be discontinued this year

    I get the people using Netflix on 3DS and Wii U are minimal, but how much work is it really to keep these clients?
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    Christmas Nintendo Gigaleak reportedly contains Mariko BootRom source code and Let's Go beta

    The one that arguably hits them the hardest couldn't have been timed more perfectly.
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    Mixer is shutting down, will be merged into Facebook Gaming

    I think being merged into Facebook Gaming is a fate worse than death.
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    ROM Hack Safest Way To Use Only Smash Ultimate Mods?

    If you only install CFW and use mods on an emuNAND that's always offline you should be fine. If you're planning to go online with mods whether it's on emuNAND or sysNAND you're most likely going to get banned. Afaik no one has been banned from showing gameplay; you only get banned when your...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    That did the trick to launch emuNAND but when trying to launch Stock 9.0.0 sysNAND it still says unknown pkg1 thingie.
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    As far as I know -emuNAND is only used to prevent bans so if you don't care about them might as well use sysNAND for less confusion. -As long as the cartridge doesn't force you to update yeah. -Sleep mode works in most CFWs. -If you restore an old NAND backup it's likely you will get banned...
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    How do I rotate text in MS Paint?

    How do I rotate text in MS Paint?
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    The error code when trying to boot on Atmosphere 8.1.0 emuNAND is 2002-2634. Since I have AutoRCM on that's my only way to boot into Stock 9.0.0 sysNAND without turning it off and that's when I get the unknown PKG 1 before it going back to hekate. I guess I could try turning it off to use OFW...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    So I made an emuNAND like a week ago. I had 8.1.0 on my sysNAND and 8.1.0 with Atmosphere on my emuNAND. Yesterday I updated to 9.0.0 on sysNAND to play online (yes I know there's a grace period...I'm stupid). The Switch restarted ok in 9.0.0. sysNAND, but when I wanted to boot to 8.1.0 emuNAND...
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    Hacking Clearing up a Misconception about SDXC cards update

    I didn't say it doesn't happen. I stated that both times I did it it was on the newest firmware, and that I didn't know what happened on a lower firmware. Now people are replying saying that it does bundle a firmware update with the SDXC update. I just made this thread to clear it up and get...
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    Hacking Clearing up a Misconception about SDXC cards update

    Ok so I feel like clearing this up because I've seen confusion about it in various threads. TLDR: Some people say it's bundled with a certain firmware. This is not true. The SDXC update is separate from Firmware updates. I tested this with my own Switch and my friends Switch. I had a Switch in...
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    ROM Hack Splatoon Modding Hub

    Do you know how unlocking abilities works in Splatoon 2? That doesn't give a feeling of accomplishment. It's just tedious grinding and luck. The one piece of gear that I do have perfect when I finally got it it wasn't a "Yes! I did it" it was an " 2 more" For me it is not...
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    ROM Hack Splatoon Modding Hub

    I've put over 360 hours into Splatoon 2 and still don't have the gear I want because it's based on random chance. In my opinion, this is ok. It's not like you'll be winning based only on your gear abilities.
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