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    ROM Hack Patching, foling around

    Anyone else got a link? I read through hundreds of pages of this stuff when it was big (and topics weren't locked for thousands of posts). I frequently saw that people thought of it but didn't think it'd be worth the time since a patch was coming out. Not once did I actually see someone say...
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    ROM Hack M£DSReal with M3 Sakura

    Pop open Cheat.db in a text file. Then enter the game ID and name of the game in the same format they do for the ones above. I usually just scroll to the bottom to put in new ones so it's easier to find. Then punch in AR codes in the same format as the ones above.
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    Hacking M3 Team is at work.

    Yeah, I remember seeing that thread... I was hoping one more clearly labeled might help. I guess either way the madness has calmed down now that most people realize we have to wait for firmware updates.
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    Hacking M3 Team is at work.

    Maybe you should try make a new topic named something along the lines of Pokemon GS/SS What We Know and Don't Know READ BEFORE POSTING!!! We keep getting a million posts of the same crap that doesn't work or other stupid ideas/theories that have been discussed at least a few dozen separate...
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    Hacking M3 Team is at work.

    If you have proof that the patch was created by you, then it does sound like a deal. "Releasing" someone else's work would not count as you've apparently done multiple times in the past (crediting yourself for VGBA and other works by other developers). I think the point here is to get as many...
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    Hacking M3 Team is at work.

    Or read any of the 4000+ related posts that say it's not the same AP.
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    ROM Hack HG / SS Patch discussion

    My point was about the rest of the useless spam. I know most of the people there were trying to work on it on GBAtemp but got swamped by both moderators and spammers. Atm they don't have moderators or spammers there, my hope was just to keep the spam out. There's probably a few people who can...
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    ROM Hack HG / SS Patch discussion

    Please don't flock there. And please take the link down. The patch will definitely find it's way here when the time comes, but we don't need to fill their boards with spam. Something along the lines of PM me if you'd like to work on it might be more appropriate.
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    ROM Hack HG / SS Patch discussion

    I guess you all missed the bit about him trying to scam people on other sites and a lot of random crap posted yesterday too. It's possible a patch could be out tomorrow, I wouldn't bet on atenzor being the one to release it though.
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    ROM Hack HG / SS Patch discussion

    Confirmed, I downloaded a copy of it earlier just to be extra sure. None of the patches or patched copies of the game released thus far have fixed the anti-piracy. Edited: Done
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    ROM Hack About HGSS AP Patches

    The people who claim it is "working" refer to being able to save and start the screen getting past initial black screen. If they can enter and exit a building more than 24 times in a row without it freezing then it might be working, test another 50 to be sure. Most people run around for 20...
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    ROM Hack HG / SS Patch discussion

    Have you tried soft resetting? R+L+Select+Start, it's a relatively short interruption. If you don't mind counting, try count up to 13-20 events or so, depending on what badge you're on, then do a soft reset. It was bearable enough for me this way and I almost never run into an unexpected...
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    ROM Hack Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver problems?

    Actually from what I've read, the update for the Acekard firmware was done when the Korean version came out. I'm pretty sure it was an update specifically for this AP introduced with the Korean version of HG/SS. Also, Normmatt has been following these threads, so I'm sure he sees what's going...
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    ROM Hack Pokemon HG/SS fix discussion

    Is he playing the Japanese version translated into English? Because I think that's where the Rudolph patch was originally applied. I'd be surprised if it worked an AP code as complicated as this.
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