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    How much you pay for internet?

    $10 a month for 56k.
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    3ds Price officially revealed

    Are you trying to say that a DSi is a more complex system than an iPod or iPhone? Hahaha, ok.
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    3ds Price officially revealed

    You have a good sense of smell. Yes, I used sarcasm, but I stand by what I said.
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    3ds Price officially revealed

    Oh no. $250 is way too much for a handheld, even if it wasn't the fifth version of the same handheld. (yeah yeah, blah blah 3D, herp derp) I'm pretty much done with nintendo. You might ask why? Well, look at the NDS and Wii release list, it's all garbage. I mean there was never a time when the...
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    DS #5314: Atari's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (USA)

    A lot of these games I haven't played before, so it should be a treat. I prefer the Activision compilation games, personally. They have more games I remember from my childhood and they usually have the old patches as unlockables. Tangible achievements! I still have my real life "Friends of...
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    The quest for Pepsi Blue

    I've recently seen something called Big Blue here in Michigan. From the bottle, it's made by the same people that make Big Red. I tried a bottle and it was the worst "cream soda" flavor that I've ever tasted, even worse than our Faygo variety. I also remember Pepsi Blue and I remember it was...
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    Wii #2412 - Epic Mickey (Europe)

    QFT. I just got my NTSC copy from some place on the nets. Just have to do a little digging. Kids nowadays.
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    WiiWare #0621 - BIT.TRIP RUNNER (Europe)

    Because Nintendo and Wii fans know that graphics TOTALLY make the game, right? Anywho, I think it looks fun and will give it a go.
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    The Humble Indie Bundle

    Those are some phat rhymes.
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    Anyone know of a good site/program for improving typing speed? This is a good site I use when I feel like brushing up on my typing speed.
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    dang family

    You need to go seek professional help, seriously. If what you're saying is true (and I don't doubt it isn't), then you need someone who is qualified to help to talk to, not the Internet. Or else you'll keep getting replies like "I'm 12 years old and what is this?"
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    What is your favorite Album?

    ...I do hope these scale down some. Anyways, I have many more, but these get the most play on my Zune. [EDIT] I found some better pictures that weren't HUEG!
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    Hardware Next Nintendo DS Titled "Nintendo 3DS"

    Now I know that Nintendo fans are just as rabid as Apple fans and will buy anything that Nintendo churns out... I thought this was an early April Fools joke.
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    Wii #1963 - Red Steel 2 (Europe)

    I lol'd! Think I'll wait for the NTSC version.
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    Official GBAtemp WODE review

    Geeze, that's almost the price of a new Wii unit. It's a great idea and all, but what a pricetag!
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