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    DSbible 2.5

    Hail Satan!
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    DS #2565: GRID (USA)

    Best DS Racing Game so far! @n00bs: learn how to drive...
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    ROM Hack Metal Slug 7

    Use the SQUiRE Language Selector, works like a charm. Gives you: Jap, US, EUR Multi-5 Enjoy
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    DS #2466: Metal Slug 7 (Japan)

    @Thug4L1f3: Works like a charm. You could now choose between Japanese, English and Europe Five before the game boots. Everything is in English Language now: Mission, Options, Combat School, Rescued Prisoners. It even changes the startup bottom screen. Seem like it really patches the game to...
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    ROM Hack Metal Slug 7

    The smaller patch didn't work for me, the large one did. However options, rescued prisoners and combat school remain Japanese. Thanks anyway!
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    DS #2466: Metal Slug 7 (Japan)

    Wow, what a big deal finding a rom that for one time is not on the "easy" places. Just google the freakin' filename. No hard work at all... Hmmm, the game still ain't 100% English after patching it. Options, Rescued Prisoners and Combat School still are Japanese. Anybody please fix the...
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    Gaming DS Titles Expected: July 2008

    You forgot the most awesome game EVER: Metal Slug 7
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    DS #2408: Bokura no TV Game Kentei (Japan)

    This game is SO awesome - I love it. Too bad the text is entirely in Japanese. Things in the game that give me a bad time: The Love Game The Riddle Game with the 3 persons / animals The "Choose A Card" Game. I mean WTF. The Dungeon Game And now the biggest bummer: The RPG Sim where you have...
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    Hacking The Real Reason Behind The Shortages of the R4

    Sorry, I meant 35 Euro not 35 Dollar, my bad
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    Colors! 1.02 released

    It lies in the nature of most touchscreens to recognize how strong you press them. Read here: Touchscreens on Wikipedia Try adjusting the pressure settings in the options menu whey you have problems at the borders.
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    DS #1182: Puzzle League DS (Europe)

    Woot, nice!
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    PuzzleManiak v1.0 final out now!

    Merci beaucoup mon ami. Could you please make a game based on Scorched Earth? ^^
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    DS #1140: Enpitsu de Oku no Hosomichi DS (Japan)

    ehm we have English Training for the DS and voice recognition works pretty good on that one if I remember right
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    DS #1134: Shrek le Troisième (France)

    They call it a Royal with Cheese
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    Hacking The hunt for a perfect DS Lite

    sorry I was talking about the black ones
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