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    World's first 'tax' on Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7

    It's an online store. They tell you the 'tax' when you check out. It's not retroactive. You buy something and you're on IE7 it blasts that silly warning and you can of course proceed to pay this tax if you want, or just go to instead. Again there's nothing illegal about it.
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    Gaming Lowering resolution for gaming - Significant change?

    Skyrim really really pushes your graphics hard. You can try to keep the resolution but tone down things like AA and shadows which take up a lot of GPU cycles. However at the resolution you're trying to run, you may eventually have to go down to a lower resolution just to run the game properly...
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    World's first 'tax' on Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7

    As long as fees are clearly stated and up front about it (and that GIGANTIC pop up and the line item make that very clear) there's nothing illegal about it. It's not very 'competitive' of course but as a business you can charge fees for anything. Look at say a concert ticket. You'll see all...
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    Diablo 3 Accounts Being Hacked

    They just did as a requirement to use Paypal in the RMAH. People are ALREADY BITCHING ABOUT IT. You can't please anyone.
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    Diablo 3 Accounts Being Hacked

    Session ID theorizing is somewhat moot. It means that you would need ot initiate a MITM attack which isn't possible unless you have access to a core router somewhere. It's simply not possible to actually do this from China, or whatever. The theories behind this simply do not make any technical...
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    Hacking Crown3DS Update

    Having stuff 'neatly marked' is not indiciative of 'easy of reverse engineering'. All you've done is replace 15x5k modules with a single 1GB module that no one knows anything about. It was actually EASIER in the old days becaues you at least knew which chips to look at. Now you have a single...
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    Hacking Crown3DS Update

    They have had that 70% up since forever, thus the countdown is in effect entirely meaningless. That's why I called it a 'virtual' countdown. They're not actually counting down to anything real as far as I can tell, and have no ciriteria by which the countdown is actuall updated. At the current...
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    Hacking Crown3DS Update

    Seems somewhat moot to talk about a vaporware product from an unknown team with a virtual countdown that does nothing. Also given Nintendo's fairly aggressive update cycles for the 3DS it would also mean any exploit would have a vanishingly small window of usability
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    Hacking AKAIO 1.8.9z

    Getting WAAAAY ahead of yourself there.
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    Gaming >>NoSupportedSupportedGraphicDeviceFound<<

    Post your system specs especially the video card.
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    Gaming Should Skyrim be lagging on my PC at Ultra?

    Since you have tons of RAM try the LAA hack which might give you some performance improvements. People have said this can sometime help with CTD and loading tons of mods. http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=1013
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    Skyrim Gets Day One Patch

    I'm not sure why the snide comment of 'those with the PC copy can't play it yet' the game hasn't been released yet. So if you have a copy, it's because a retailer broke the street date when they weren't supposed to. Blame them. Yeah lots of games have day one patches these days even on the...
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    Grand Theft Auto V Announcement Trailer Nov. 2nd

    I played GTA4 for the first time a few months ago (it was on sale on Steam so eh figured I'd try to find out what all the fuss was about). I found the game to be pretty engaging. The story is very interesting. I really only had a few complaints Like most people I thought the whole 'dating'...
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    Why is Russia so bad-ass?

    Just os you know FPSRussia is an American dude from Georgia (no not the ex-Russian province, the American state). His videos are quite entertaining though.
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    Gaming Thinking of maybe installing a Linux OS.

    I'd recommend perhaps going with a Ubuntu Live version first to see if you feel like it suits your needs. You can find various levels of 'shit that does not work' depending on what you need to do.
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