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    Gaming Luigis Mansion 3

    if people are getting "the software was closed because an error occured", there seems to be an issue with this game and reverseNX. Disable it and everything works.
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    ROM Hack WIP The Witcher 3 Enhanced Settings mod

    Anybody notice that sharpening isn't working in toussant in the blood and wine expansion pack. It's very soft no matter what sharpening setting you use. Turning off anti aliasing works though
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    ROM Hack RELEASE The Witcher 3 60 FPS and Dynamic Resolution Tweaks

    I figured out my problem. I wasn't using the official Nintendo charger so sysclk wasnt over clocking to the highest values.
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    ROM Hack RELEASE The Witcher 3 60 FPS and Dynamic Resolution Tweaks

    I'm experiencing the same thing. I'm only getting 20-25 fps using this mod. This is with oc at Max settings across the board. Do you need to tweak the settings.txt file? I've not made any changes to that and left it as default.
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    Gaming Good racing games for the DS

    If you don't mind playing a gba game, then I would recommend Racing Gears Advance. Its my all time favorite racing game on the gba. I would even go as far and say its more fun and deeper than mario kart ds.
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    Wii #0144 - Super Paper Mario (USA)

    I'm in chapter 2 and so far I find the game pretty boring.. Does it get more interesting?
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    Gaming Wii: Essential Games List (archive)

    #1 ssx blur #2 excite truck #3 zelda: tp
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    Hacking all of these game *backups* have gotten me... bord

    There's actually a name for this. Its called "paradox of abundance." the wall street journal talks about this in relation to netflix, but I think it applies to "backups" too.
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    Wii #0143 - Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords (USA)

    Not to me. The controls feel pretty good. I've never played the gc version though. But I like slashing with the wii remote. And moving the camera isn't too bad either. Fun game..
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    Hacking Finally got my wiikey

    Installed my wiikey last night. Lifted 2 pads from the dvd, so I had to solder the wires onto the chip itself. Let me tell u, not fun. What should have been an easy 1 hour job, took me 6 hours. But finally got it done. Sorry, no pictures, but doesn't look much different from the other chip...
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    Hacking How much time..."foundmy"

    I ordered a wiikey on monday too from them. No email yet saying that it shipped. I also used paypal. EDIT: I got an update saying mine was shipped today. woohoo!
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    Hacking Disc Read Errors...

    This guy has the DMS chipset and he's having dre issues.
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    Gaming Help With Yoshi's Island DS!

    It saves at the end of each level. It doesn't save in the middle of a level.
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    World 2 (Not level 2) gets much better. New enemies, different environments. More usage of the different babies abilities. World 1 seems to be more of a refresher course.
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    Playing the different babies is really fun. One of the reviews/first impressions I read said that it was lame and gimmicky, but I'm really enjoying the different abilities of the babies and how u need to switch between them in order to reach certain areas. Great game so far, 2d ftw...
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